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I have recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

I live alone, attending college in SanFrancisco. I was born in Southern IIllinois, now my life is afar from any family I had. For the best I have made peace wwithI though a new start. Life has a way of teaching patience and strength. I lost the love of my life, myhusband in 2007. With our 2 infants in arms I struggled alone until I bowed to family by marrige for help. They would raise my childten well. Promised and kept....but alone now without a confidant I'm fighting for a chance of life with my little girl and boy. Its impossible to work and classes ate now online. Ive moved out of my apt for lack of financial stability and not in paitent for procedure, have secretly been sleeping on the beach.
Work cleaning houses or general help is hard to find in a city I've no refrences. Im lost as to what I should or need to do. Please pray if you will and know I in turn keep all in my prayers. Anything, literally keeps me eating what I can. Agape my fellow brothers and sisters. Bless you, thank you.
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