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A Good Man Needs a Hand from Humanity. Please show your support and share!

This week, I had the privilege to be introduced to a man that profoundly impacted my soul and helped me refocus the lens in which I view this crazy world we live in. I felt compelled to share Greg D.’s story, unbeknownst to him, in hopes that you too will receive a touch of grace.
Greg is a 50-year old “Gentle Man” that has lived a relatively simple life with minimal drama…until 2002. I use the term Gentle Man because as I got to know Greg and learn about his unfortunate circumstances, I was in awe by the purity and honesty in his heart. These are the adjectives that I would use to describe Greg’s DNA: Shy, loyal, humble, sensitive, honorable, optimistic, intelligent, steady, honest, and serene. I would also describe him as someone who has had his spirit deeply wounded and was dealt a significant setback with his health.
Out of respect for Greg, I won’t disclose his childhood wound, but suffice it to say that the consistent psychological damage he faced as a young child had to impact his self-worth and increase his shyness. Despite the challenges of his early life, Greg carries no bitterness and has never succumbed to self-medicating with alcohol or drugs to cope…he’s never touched them.
Fast forward to 2002, Greg was enjoying a solid career as a Product Specialist for a software company when he was hit with a debilitating medical condition that affected his ability to function and manage his life. Greg was the “go-to” guy at his company, with 8-years tenure. He was a road warrior, travelling cross country to implement and train clients with their new software integration. For years, he would continuously fly out on Sunday and return home from the West coast on Saturday. He was in his zone! Suddenly one day in 2002, he was dealt a health crisis that so crippled him that his life came to an abrupt stop. The company lost their most valued employee and Greg would spend the next 5 or so years, unable to work while experimenting in drug trials administered by his physician. Not once, did Greg receive disability or reach out for government assistance. He had been a diligent saver and was able to survive for many years off these savings while working part time jobs.
In the Fall of 2011, Greg had overcome his health issues, but had completely depleted his savings and eventually his retirement nest egg. Imagine if this happened to you and you lost it ALL.
One Sunday morning in October 2011, Greg was driving through Alpharetta, GA and got caught in traffic, unable to switch lanes. Being stuck in this lane, he was forced to turn left and follow the caravan of cars that were leading into the North Point Community Church parking lot. Having nothing to do and curious about the influx of people flocking to this building, Greg decided to peek inside. He was instantly introduced to contemporary Christian music and the wisdom and grace of Andy Stanley. So moved by this serendipitous experience, he has attended NPCC “religiously” ever since.
I’ll let the reader interpret for themselves who or what led Greg to NPCC that morning, but it certainly impacted his spiritual curiosity and growth as it has so many others before him. He was introduced to C3G, the Career Networking group at NP and regularly attends with the goal of finding a career that matches his experience and skill set. Additionally, he recently completed a 10-week small group introduction to God called Starting Point. Miraculously, Greg is not down on his luck and is so inspired by the teachings of Andy Stanley, that he volunteers his time working in the Church fulfillment center where he is surrounded by DVD’s and books from past sermons. That’s right, he VOLUNTEERS!
The winds of change are stirring inside of Greg, but he needs a hand from humanity to help pick him up and dust him off.
Currently, Greg is a part-time employee at Roswell United Methodist Church, which started as a volunteer role. He earns $10 p/hr in the kitchen with meals included. Additionally, he earns some money as a TV extra at various studios. In January, his 1990 Honda Accord with 220k miles stopped running with engine and transmission failures. Additionally, he was no longer able to afford the rent for his apartment. He now lives in a spare room graciously offered by his kitchen co-worker. He is grateful and very resourceful. So much so, that he rents a car from Enterprise rent-a-car for $9 p/day so he can get to work and attend church on Sunday. Just this week, Greg had to write a check for $459 to the IRS to pay the early withdrawal penalties from his 401k. For the first time in his life, he is not sure if he is going to be able to cover this check and that has him worried.
I have shared this story with several men this week and all have asked if they can chip-in to help Greg. As mentioned, Greg knows nothing about this, nor has he ever asked anyone for assistance. He is content with what he has and makes due with his current circumstances.
So I thought “We the Peeps” could come together, share his story and dramatically change his life. There are certainly many people struggling during this economic downturn, but Greg is broken and making the most with an attitude of gratitude and pursuing a connected relationship with God. I’ve heard that God takes care of the big miracles and leaves the small one’s for us…if we simply pay attention! Here is an opportunity to touch a soul and give forward to make a difference. Even if you are only able to help with words of encouragement or donate $1, collectively, we can do something amazing for one of God’s children.
Here is the plan:
1. Transportation – Through our network, we have several wholesale buyers that are on the lookout for an inexpensive, reliable car that can be purchased for under $5k. We expect to receive a call within the week and need to be prepared to purchase. So the goal is to raise $5,000 by Saturday, April 28. If we’re able to purchase the car for under $5k, we will give the balance on everyone’s behalf to provide him with some breathing room. Even better, if there is anyone willing to donate a car, please contact
2. A Job Opportunity – By sharing this story with your friends and on social media platforms, we sense that there is a company out there in North Atlanta looking for an honest, intelligent and loyal employee with Greg’s skill set.
His gift: The ability to take technical matters and simplify them for non-technical people.
I believe he will flourish in roles such as Sales Engineer or Sales Support where he can practice his gifts of verbal communication and simplifying technical matters for clients.
By sharing this story with your network of friends, we only need 5000 generous people to give $1 or 500 to give $10. If you are not in a position to give, please click the “Hug” tab and send some words of encouragement. Then use the social media widget to share his story.
A good man needs a hand so let’s do this!
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