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Hello, I want to tell you all about a young child I know. So beautiful and full of life. She's a very sweet child and always so happy. Her name is Shydae' and she is 5 years old. Shydae' has Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer and we are trying to raise money to help support her with her struggle. Whatever you donate we will be very grateful of it doesn't matter if it is $1 or a prayer. I apologize that i can't tell you a lot more but the family is trying to be strong; and Shydae' is one strong 5 year old I know. If you can't donate please keep the family in your prayers because this 5 year old is going to kick cancers butt ! She has a BIG family standing behind her fighting with her. I would like to thank Nancy for that message, it was much needed!

I will like to thank Raneir for creating and helping our family with this website for our little angel Shydae'. I could not thank you enough Raneir for what you have done for Shydae'. This has bought tears to my eyes that they're still young people in our society with a BIG caring heart.

Shydae' Miyoshi Brown, daughter of Achia Brockington and Derrick Brown, and Step Daughter of Alex Johnson, has had this disease floating throughout her body since July 2011. She blessed our presence with her strong, caring, funny, determined, precious soul on August 11, 2006. Like many children, Shydae' is one of kind. I have yet to see a child like her at her age. She is just amazing. We love this angel so much words cannot explain. Shydae' loves music, dancing, modeling, and singing. She says she wants to be a model when she gets older. Shydae' has been unable to attend school on a regular basis due to her condition. She received home schooling and felt a little embarrassed due to her hair comingout, and the children did not know how to adapt to her change. Shydae' has a huge support system from family, friends, church families, school family, and extended family. I must say this has been a huge struggle and fight. I am thankful in some ways that this obstacle has joined and opened up a lot of individual minds. I am very thankful and appreciative of my loving mother, Anastasia Williams-Jones, for being there for me and Shydae' throughout this term; without her I don't know what would I have done. She has been my back bone dealing with this cancer for Shydae'. I love you mommy and wouldn't change you for the world.

I began to become concerned when I noticed two enlarge lymph nodes on the left side of Shydae's neck. Due to children having enlarged lymph nodes when having a cold or virus, that's what we thought was the case. However, after waiting a few weeks to see if the inflamed lymph nodes will return to normal, another one appeared.; and they were also getting larger instead of smaller. I then took Shydae' to the emergency room at Franklin Square Hospital. After explaining to the attending physician, he assumed that it was just a cyst. They took blood cultures to test her white blood count, which was normal. He then discharged my little angel as having a cyst and to follow up with an dermatologist.
I knew right off that for a cyst I will not follow up with a dermatologist for her condition. I then returned to her pediatrician, who then sent Shydae' for sonogram. After waiting for 4 months for American Radiology to send her result to her physician, it was known that instead of the three visible lymph nodes, there were five. Her pediatrician then referred us to Johns Hopkins Pediatrics, Dr. Lukish, for an biopsy.

Dr. Lukish, well appreciated physician, examined Shydae' and decided we will move forward with the biopsy. Shydae's biopsy was performed March 15, 2012. Throughout the wait, my heart and mind was racing. After waiting longer than expected for Dr. Lukish to provide updated results, I almost lost my mind. On April 10th, 2012, I received a phone call from Dr. Lukish. I was given disturbing news; that our little girl had a form of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I lost my breath, didn't know what to feel or think; blamed myself; felt guilty- because I would not have thought in a million years that I will have to experience this with my baby girl. Thanks to my fiance', Alex Johnson, by my side at the time of the call to console and bring me to ease; because I almost had a nervous breakdown. Dr. Lukish explained the different levels of Hodgkin's and told me not to blame myself, for we have no control of this happening; it just happens.

Moving forward, we met with the oncology team to get a little more educated with this form of cancer. The Oncology team told me that we were going in with having 100% cure. They also scheduled and performed surgery for her to get a port placement and bone marrow biopsy. Shydae' has been a trooper through it all. Shydae' has been receiving treatment for the past five months. I must say, if she wasn't as strong as she is, I would have lost my mind right now. Although she has been experiencing weakness and being ill after treatments, she puts a smile on my face and reminds me why I'm still here. I have to admit that some of my family and I were a little defensive, because we didn't want our angel to experience the chemotherapy; the pain and suffering; loss of hair; weight loss; body pain; sickness; weakness; and blood transfusions. My best friend, Artina Stokes, had to bring me outside of my feelings and anger so that I will be able to allow the wonderful doctors to do what was best for my Shydae'. I was furious when they told me they wanted to give her a blood transfusion. It was only natural love and care for my baby that made me shut down at this point. I shut down from the world; I didn't want any phone calls, text messages, nor visitors. I know I was very surprised and happy with myself, for all of what my Shydae' was going through, I still remained to keep a smile on my face. I also will like to thank my other best friend, Minister Tenika Little, for praying for strength and always being there for me and Shydae' through this rough time. She has spiritually brought me through and still bringing me through this hardship.

Shydae' has experienced things that many of us in this world wish we have the chance of sharing. During one of her inpatient stays, she saw some things and described many people and symbolism's that were unexplained how she would of known. Shydae' told me that God and his angels were watching over her while she was in the hospital room. She told us that she seen both of my grandparents, whom she never seen before,- in person nor picture, with God. At the time of these visions, I acknowledged and believed my child. Some of the physicians wanted to make our family believe that it was hallucinations and the medications doing these things; but when the question was asked how did she described my grandparents and she never seen them in that form-they had no response. Shydae' has turned many people lives around including mine.

You never know what is in store for you. God use people, especially children to enlighten and bring to light visions and beliefs many people may doubt. When you feel like you are at your worst or nothing is possible; Any and everything is possible and can happen to YOU!!!! Have faith and believe and it will get you through. That is part of the reason our family is still able to be here to give and share this testimony with Shydae'

There are so many people supporting Shydae' that if I forget to mention you, please, please, please, forgive me. I have to first thank our Heavenly Father for continuing to carry us on; Dr. Brown, Dr. Ershler, and her social worker Ms. Katz; my mother Anastasia Williams-Jones and Step-Dad Sterling Jones; My father Steven Brockington and Momma Jean; my grandfather- Arthur Williams and granny- Carolyn Jones; My fiance' Alex Johnson and her father Derrick Brown and his lady Arielle; LaToya McElveen and Family; Jovonne Lane and Family; Minister Tenika Little and Family; Pastor Rebecca Silver and Family; Our Church Family One Lord One Faith Ministry; Tina Roberts and Family; Latipha Silver; Lashell Silver-McKethen;Ms. Kiara and Ms. Nicole and the St. Stephen Family; Mrs. Jones and Ms. Colvin and the remainder of Mars Estates Elementary School; Ms. Jenn-her hone tutoring teacher; Denere Hilton and Family; Shanika Parker and Family;Vyvian Carter; Ms. Regina; Donyette and Family; Lolita McCleod and Family; Aunt Vicky; The Brockington Family;The Williams Family; The Jones Family; Artina Stokes and Family; Cassandra El Moragne and Family; Shanika Faulcon; Aisha Richards and Family; The Peaks and Cole Family; Mrs. Lisa Toles and Family; Deonna Perry and Family; Aisha Byers and Family (Mommy Cozi);Melissa Gilliam and Family; Keya Chambers and Family; My Access Service Family; my manager-Mrs. Patrice Luckett; Supervisor- Dion Crudup; Kelly Service Rep- Rose Pieper; Taneisha Weathers; JHH Oncology Team;Latisha Lomax; Momma Wanda, Momma Constance;all of my wonderful aunts and uncles too many to name we love yall; Again the list goes on and on....All of the cancer foundation's that supported Shydae', Make A Wish, Special Love Children's Cancer Foundation, and Casey Cares Foundation.
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