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PLEASE HELP!! I rescued a kitty that was hit by a car,starved,flea infested and abandoned by her owner to die outside. I have contacted so many organizations to help but there is little or no financial aid available.

I will try and get a picture up as soon as possible but I have been so very busy trying to help this little girl out. The kitty is named Angel because she is a miracle to even be alive. I have rescued cats mainly from apartments for about seven years and have gotten 20 spayed/nuetered to help stop the abuse cycles I have seen. I recieved a call about a cat that had been dragging its leg around an apartment complex for about three weeks with no known owner and seemingly not getting fed by anyone. I rushed over as soon as I heard and thought I would have to search for this kitty for awhile but she found me first. She was covered in fleas so bad that she was bloody from head to tail with flea bites. Her leg dragged behind her leaving blood marks and was seriously deformed. She was very starved and weak. I was amazed that she still trusted people enough to drag herself to me to get some love...I held back tears because it was such a horrible sight, the worse I have seen. I contacted the property manager and asked if she had seen the cat and if she had owners. She directed me to the owners apartment and I confronted them. I am a very tolerant person and it takes a good amount to anger me but these people made me want to check myself into anger management. They told me that the cat was theirs and that they were planning to take her to paws at some point. They lied saying she had always been deforemed but in the next breath told me she was not allowed inside the home because she left blood on the carpet. The other person in the home said she thought she got hit by a car or something and that they couldn't afford to fix her so ....get this....They got a brand new kitty for the home and left her outside to die naturally they didn't expect her to still be around. It was disgusting to see this little baby kitten running around their house knowing that their injured baby was sitting outside wondering why she was not getting fed and why her people are not letting her inside when she cries.  I kept calm and asked if I could take the cat and they agreed. I then went to my car and balled my eyes out.  I took the little girl home and have done everything in my power to help her. She is flea treated,putting on a little weight now and her exposed back leg has antibiotics on it and wrapped. My problem is ...She needs to have her leg amputated and the surgery is 1500.00 and I am a disabled military vet and don't have that money. I hve contacted about 30 different places with Angels story and they direct me to other places and nobody has funds available right now..Actually this web site was a place I was directed. I have contacted vet cinics and all have told me they no longer accept payment plans. I have tried a garage sale and only got 20.00 to put towards the cause...I guess I sold stuff to cheap?   I have tried everything and I'm trying to raise this money as soon as I can because she is in so much pain and she doesn't deserve to be put down or un loved because of her condition. I know I have to put a picture up because a picture is worth a thousand words but I am trying to borrow a camera to get one up here. I know there is a ton of frauds out there too and I can promise that anything you contribute will only go to Angel. I will be more then happy to mail out copies of the bill when she has her surgery completed or offer anyone her status updates...I really just want this little girl to have a new chance on life. Anything helps and Thank you so very much for even just reading her story.

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