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Help Fred Garson and his family to offset/assist with medical/daily living expenses to alleviate the financial burden and help him recover.

We ask that you forward this to everyone on all of your internet accounts, face book, twitter, gmail, yahoo, etc Fred and his family need all the support and prayers possible.

We need specific prayers for my brother, Frederick J. Garson, who on Sunday March 25th developed such a severe headache that it brought him to the emergency room, when they did a cat scan, it showed an aneurism bleeding on the brain.

My Brother lives in a small town called Barnsdall. He went to the nearest hospital which is in Bartlesville. From there they Life Flighted him to St Johns in Tulsa, OK, He was admitted to room 723. When they went in to see what was going on they found he had three aneurisms, the largest was bleeding (near the temple on his right side). One was located in the center, bottom of his forehead above the nose and the third about 2 inches above that one at the top of his forehead.

That afternoon, they went in and did what they call coiling of each aneurism. After about 4 hours they had successfully coiled all three even though the doctor wasn't sure it would go so smoothly, he thought he may have to do it in two procedures about 6 months apart. So that was the first Blessing.

The evening of the coiling procedure he was showing no signs of using his left side. The next morning still nothing, however, by the time I was able to get back to the hospital the therapists were able to help him concentrate on his arm and leg and re-teach him how to use his left side. A Second Blessing.

Thursday March 29th He was on the acute surgical recovery on the 10th floor, room 1050. By the time I arrived back at the hospital the next morning, he informed me that he had tried to get out of bed got caught on a leg cuff and fell so hard that the IV ripped out. He said there was blood everywhere. The next day I go in to see him. He has now been moved to a room in front of the Nurses desk and they inform me that he would not stay on bed rest like needed so they brought in an aid to sit with him. So If he got up again, they would have someone with him. Third blessing.

Then on Sunday, he tells me that he fell again. even with the nurse with him when he walking into the bathroom, Otherwise he seemed very normal and on the road to a great recovery. Since they had moved him to room 1045, closer to the nurses station he was not on any IV's, and they were giving him all his meds orally. Fourth blessing

Wait... Its' not over. Then, I go to work on Monday and get a call about noon time, asking me what happened to Fred. She heard he was back in ICU from one of his friends sons. I then called the hospital and found out he was transferred back to ICU and that he was currently going down for a procedure but that is all she could tell me. Other than he was now in room 719. When I talked to his wife, she let me know the doctors called Fred's oldest son to come in to sign authorization for them to go back in to attempt to break up a clot in the stint of the aneurysm that was bleeding originally.

Well. After four hours of surgery, they were unable to remove or break up the clot. So the doctor had to let him have a stroke, as if he gave him clot busting meds it would also bust the clot on the bleeding aneurysm and it could hemorrhage, which would kill him.

So He's now had a massive stoke about the size of your fist on the right temple area. The swelling finally did get to where the doctor had to cut open his scull to relieve the pressure and allow the brain to expand as much as it needs to prevent pressure on the spinal chord.

So now my brother is in room 719 in the ICU He cannot have anyone with the slightest of illness enter his room as his head is literally cut open and any infection can kill him.

What we need now is prayers for a total healing and speedy recovery. If you could possible pass this on and request as many people as possible to pass it on, He needs the power of Our Lord and Savior NOW.

Thank you all for your support. The next blessing is in God's hands and we need as much influence as possible. Please pass this on to everyone and keep the prayers going.

I'm expecting a total healing and speedy recovery and ask that you all pray for the same.


Just wanted you and everyone to know, since my last email my brother has had a touch of pneumonia as well as a staph infection in his lungs. They also informed us that the stroke looks like it has destroyed the optic nerve on his right eye.

Then after a few days, the fever stopped coming back and they were eventually able to remove the breathing tubes. When I went to see him Wednesday evening they told me he was breathing on his own. Then they said he was talking also. I was so filled with joy I was in tears and couldn't go into his room for a few minutes. What a blessing! #5

Then once I started talking to him he said he could actually see some out of his left eye. He had previously lost some vision on the left side, after the coiling of the three aneurisms. So we weren't sure if he'd be able to see anything after the stroke. So his sight was a huge blessing sent from above. Blessing #6

My brother as of last evening Friday the 13th, of April 2011, has been moved off of the ICU and up to the eighth floor, room 857.

Unfortunately, Today he seems to be very depressed. May be because he hasn't seen his adult sons or others in his immediate family due to the financial strain they are under. They live in a small town of Barnsdall and most everyone is living paycheck to paycheck.

Coming up with gas money to travel and hour and a half one way even a few days a week is beyond their ability financially. They were doing it when he was first admitted, however after three weeks any extra funds seem to have been exhausted at this point. It's a bit easier for us, we only live about 30 minutes from the hospital. At first some of them would stay at my house or stay the evening or two at the hospital. However since the stroke no one else but myself and my husband have been able to visit.

The main thing the Doctor told us today was that because he has limited medical coverage, Medicaid and VA benefits, that is going to limit his physical therapy facility options. Where he will work to learn to re-talk and re-walk.

The other option is to be placed into a nursing home and the family, I believe, would be responsible for the physical therapists to work with him, not sure about the details of how that will work, but it doesn’t sound good.

That is what we're striving to help him with. To find the strength and will to push to do what it takes to be able for him to walk. No funds--no physical therapy facility. Anyway…

Take care for Now, Please keep Fred and his family in your prayers. and pass this on to as many people as you can.

God Bless

Well, it's now April 19th 2011. a few days ago, I received a call saying they found a clot in his left leg. Then the next morning when they were scheduled to do something about the clot, he was in respiratory distress, they thought the clot may have moved to his lungs.

Well by the time I arrived at the hospital, they were scheduling a test to be sure the clot was in his lungs. Come to find out, it did not move to his lungs, however he now has pneumonia again. So they have him back in ICU on the oxygen to help his lungs breath. he was only breathing at 66%. That was on the 17th of April 2011. His wife and his oldest son as well as some close friends were able to finally make it to the hospital to see him. The doctor requested a visit with them. Although, they came separately.

Yesterday, the 18th, I visited with him after they put the filter in for the clot, so it doesn't reach his lungs, as well as a stomach feeding tube. Up to this point he was being fed through a tube in his nose, however they can only keep him on that type of feeding for so long. With the stomach tube, he is able to be fed for a longer time. giving his throat a chance to heal so he can swallow and eventually be able to eat through his mouth.

When they had taken the breathing tubes out previously he was able to talk, but the throat was too sore for him to swallow food.

Anyway... the good news is that he is able to still communicate. He was signing to me "I Love You" and when I asked him if he was in pain, he answered yes with his right hand, I asked if the bed moving was hurting him he signed yes.

At one point he was pointing to his stomach tube I explained to him that it was so they could take out the tube in his nose and it would allow them to feed him till he gets over the pneumonia. When the tubes are removed it will give his throat a chance to heal. I let him know I knew it was sore, he signed a yes to that, but it will heal in a few days and won't be so sore. I informed the nurse he was in pain and they ordered pain meds for him.

I told him his wife and son was here yesterday and that his friends were hear and asked if he remembered his friend talking to him. He said yes.

I continue to reassure him he's going to be alright, however when he was talking to us, prior to the pneumonia, he said he wanted to play in a band with his brother Lenny. I told him Lenny said he would teach him to play one handed. He said he'll learn whatever he wants to teach him.

He did at one point tell us he wants someone to want him. This statement came at a time when he was getting depressed, because even thought my husband and I are going to visit him every day, he hadn't seen or heard from his two sons, his wife or any of his close friends in over a week or more, since he had the tubes taken out and was able to talk.

They don't have the funds to travel back and forth 3 hours every day. They are barely living on $500 in SS per month, scraping to get by, even struggling with just paying everyday expenses.

Anyway... at this point, I'm working to raise funds to be able to give his family a prepaid gas card so they can come see him. and see how he is improving. They need to be able to see how he talks and how he wants to live even if it means without his left arm, if he is unable to get it to work gain.

I'd like to raise funds to help ensure he has options when it comes to his long term physical rehab facility. I want Fred Garson to know people care about him. Money is not an issue

Won't you help Fred Garson and his family through the toughest time in their life. It means so much when you give someone hope. For Fred, it means giving his family the means to come visit him and give him moral support and encouragement to fight, even when there seems to be a very long road ahead of all of us.

I, as Fred's sister, thank you for all you do. Please keep him in your prayers above all things. If you're able and would like to donate through Give Forward .com. That will be great.

I pray for you and your family that they never have to go through any type of medical, life threatening event. It is truly the most difficult situation I've ever been asked by my Lord and savior to go through. Watching someone fight for their every breath, hoping and praying for the best, knowing it could go either way at any given moment in anyone's life.

Seeing his family struggling to survive and needing to borrow money for gas, and in some instances even having others drive them 3 hours round trip. It's hard enough, without having to beg borrow and steal to even be able to get to the hospital.

I'd like to see the rest of Fred's family and friends be able to be here like we are, giving him hope and encouragement to push on and get through the hard road ahead.

Getting over the pneumonia and the clot in his leg is only the first step for Fred. After that he'll need constant support and encouragement to be able to push through all the pain. Work at getting better so he will be able to speak so people can understand him. And eventually walk again.

He'll need constant encouragement to be able to continue to work at being able to use his left leg and possibly his left arm, and doing all of this with the little eyesight that he has left.

So Again, I ask you to give your support, even if you can only give a little. And continue to pray for a complete and total healing as well as a speedy recovery.

I thank you all for your support and prayers. They are needed now and will be needed for two or more years.
This is only the beginning for Fred and his family.

To Your Life Success,

God Bless
Ruby E. Garson

PS if you prefer to mail a check directly or send other donations please send to attention of

Ruby E. Garson
809 E. Richmond Place
Broken Arrow, OK 74012-6549

All funds received will be disbursed to his family and medical needs.
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