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The Family and friends of Gracie Ann Middaugh are united to raise money for her life threatening Surgery. She has Pyometra OHE (Uterus)

Hi, We have had one of the roughest months. Our 10 year old Golden died suddenly at home. His companion is a 6 year old healthy Golden retriever and she was spoiled like crazy by our Beloved Boy who has passed. She was completely healthy until his death. She soon became very depressed (Understandable) but in the last week she is really really sick. Bloated stomach and throwing up. I brought her to her Vet, and found out she has Pyometra OHE. That means her Uterus has swollen and filled with fluid, It is fixable and they said she could live a normal long life if the surgery was done.

We only have one income in our household at the moment, and the cost of the surgery is way beyond our means in the time we have to do it. We love her so much and she is the sweetest dog ever..either we raise enough money to get her surgery or her Uterus will burst and she will die. Our only other option is to Euthenize a perfect dog as this is very painful for her. We have pain killers for her now but they say she might only have a few weeks. ***We found out that was wrong advice***

Many have now told us, there is no way a few weeks. We have her set for Surgery Monday 12/17/11.

If you have just 1 dollar to spare or even 5 dollars anything will help...Lets SAVE GRACIE!! we are so scared and sad.

***UPDATE**12/18/11 WE HAVE BROUGHT HER IN TODAY. The vet said we might need more funds then the 1500, she has some more infections and might need some intensive care after the surgery in the morning so keep the fund raising going if we can. They think she will make it and we found out today she is not CRITICAL yet, so we got this in time. We so appreciate all the LOVE Gracie has gotten from you all. I will be working with this organization in the future to pay it forward and throw a local fundraiser Event for them. I will also be donating to other animals in the future. We have been so incredibly touched. A wonderful Woman from referred us to the Famiy Animal Clinic, Fridley.

****Update***12/18/11 we will be making a facebook page for Gracie, for some reason Facebook is not letting us do that tonight. We will post all Vet bills on her page for everyone to see....this is only for our Gracie...any left over proceeds will be donated to and we will also show that transaction since Gracie has had so much love..thank you all.

***UPDATE*** 12/19/11 Thank you Thank you Thank you from Gracie and her Family. She had successful surgery today. They removed her uterus which had 10 pounds of fluid in it. She has no complications at all so far and they said she can even come home tomorrow. We will post a Facebook page for Gracie so everyone can see updates and we will post all vet bills and such so everyone can feel good about their unbelievable generosity. We still need about 400.00 or so to clear the vet bill and this will be closed at midnight tonight so the vet can get paid. We would like to start a aftercare fundraiser for the little that is left and any left over proceeds will go to You all have made Gracie the luckiest dog ever!
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