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 Hello my name is Chakeya King My daughter name is Keiajah King , Keiajah has been diagnosed with both leukemia and lymphoma at the age of three years old .

 Keiajah battled cancer for nearly 2 1/2 . When Keiajah was first diagnosed with Leukemia Lymphoma, she was a complete neutrapedic and had nearly no white blood cells in her body . Keiajah  developed a extremely high fever in which it took 2 weeks in cooling chamber to break the her fever in addition to that she developed a large unknown mass in her rectum that cause major blockage in her body .When a combination of chemotherapy reduced the unknown mass a large portion of skin came off her rectal walls . Keiajah  suffers from continue stomach pains do to the mass and loss of skin in the rectum . Keiajah is still in recovery from Leukemia Lymphoma but now she's developed a white patch on her brain thats slowing a portion of her brain down and she's  developed seizures where one side of her face  exhibited stroke  like symptoms . We are unsure why Keiajah has developed a white patch on her brain or why she having stroke like seizures . She is seeing a neurologist to help control these episodes of seizures. Keiajah last seizure was on  her birthday 06/10/2015 where she was rushed to the emergency room and remained there the rest of the day suffering .Our family have been searching for answers on what may have caused these type of developments in her brain . We have consulted Toxicology and Forensic Psychologist that lead us to believe that Keiajah Cancer and seizures are not of natural causes . They highly recommended that Keiajah receives a full exam from their healthcare team. The only obstacle  that's in our way from getting these exams preformed is that her insurance won't cover these type of procedures . We don't have the funds to cover the cost of getting the exams preformed and travel expenses . We are trying to raise funds to help my daughter and possibly my other children from developing cancer by get these healthcare exams preformed to determine what's the cause of both cancer and brain condition in her case. We are praying for help in hopes that good hearted godly people can help us raise the funds through charity , donation and by spreading the word through community event, social media and organizations that support children with life threatening illnesses .

To donate go to or Facebook type in Keiajah Lashae King click on her page with Keiajah photo that has at the bottom of her photo . Also can call (409)692-8818 for help or questions !
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