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For the past three months, Lynda has been quietly fighting a battle to walk again.

What happened? Transverse Myelitis. Never heard of it? Neither had we. Transverse Myelitis is a neurological issue that causes inflammation of the spinal cord. There is no one known cause, and recovery from the condition covers a broad spectrum from no to full recovery.

Early on the morning of May 14th, around 6am, Lynda woke up, got her two children, Jake and Anna, ready for school and about then felt a burning sensation in her arms. Soon after that, she felt a tightness in her chest and back. Thinking something was seriously wrong, she called her sister Lori (that’s me!) to take her to the emergency room. Thankfully, there were no cardiac issues like Lynda originally feared. But three hours later, she couldn’t move her legs, and had extreme weakness in her arms. Lynda was admitted to the hospital and moved to intensive care. After 3 MRIs, an MRA, a spinal tap and vials and vials (and more vials) of blood tests, and several days later, she was given the diagnosis of transverse myelitis.

After 10 days in the hospital, she was transferred to Glancy Rehab Center for a week as she waited for the opportunity to seek treatment at The Shepherd Center in Atlanta. Shepherd is one of the top spinal cord injury rehab hospitals in the country. Lynda spent 6 long weeks at the Shepherd Center getting extensive occupational and physical therapies daily. Exactly two months from the date of onset of TM, Lynda was discharged from Shepherd to go home in a wheelchair to her children and try to find the new “normal”. Recovery from TM is slow and may take up to a year to regain the abilities lost at onset.

Lynda has maintained a good attitude throughout this journey - but it’s a challenge. As she has always been independent, she now has to rely on family and friends to help with everyday activities. As a single parent, it’s especially difficult. To go from taking care of her children to her children having to take care of her has been humbling. She is now having physical and occupational therapies on an outpatient basis twice a week. So trips to therapy, grocery shopping, and normal errands now require the assistance of family and friends. Cooking, laundry, bathing and other basic daily activities have become quite difficult, if not impossible, without help at the moment.

Beyond the physical challenges of recovering from TM and regaining her ability to walk again, the financial realities are also a huge challenge. While she is making progress in regaining moment in her legs, she is not able to return to work yet. This creates a major difficulty when faced with mounting hospital bills and everyday living expenses.

Lynda’s prognosis is good, as she has started to regain some feeling and movement in her legs. But she is unable to stand or walk. Relying on a wheelchair to move around has created many challenges and has brought a deeper appreciation for those who suffer from limited mobility. She has a long road ahead to recovery.

Lynda has been overwhelmed and so grateful for the tremendous love and support from her family and friends. It has been amazing. Asking for help is very difficult and humbling. While she is doing her best to manage her physical recovery, the financial recovery is also a huge concern.

Will you be willing to help? This is going to be a long and bumpy road. The stress of having to worry how to pay the bills while working to regain physical abilities is exhausting. This is the most difficult thing to ask for… help that equates to money.

I ask that you share this page with your network or what I call community - and ask the people you care about to share this with everyone they know. I don’t want any one of you going deep into your pockets on this. Instead, can we just all try to share this with as many people as we can? I hate to ask, but am so deeply humbled and appreciative of your help.

The quickest way we can reach our goal is to share this story with as many people as possible. Perhaps you know of a charitable organization who could help. Or your church? Would you be willing to ask them to share Lynda’s story? My goal isn’t a final dollar amount, my goal is to get this in front of as many people as we all possibly can who might be able to help Lynda. We are all stronger together, and taking care of each other. The rest will work itself out. I appreciate your prayers, kind thoughts and being an important person in Lynda’s life. And if I don’t know you yet - I appreciate your time as you read this story.

With love and gratitude,


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