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This website is designed for our mom who has recently been diagnosed with cancer to help raise money for her growing medical bills.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. This website is created to raise funds to help with the overwhelming medical expenses for our mother, Regina "Gina" Phillips. Our mom was diagnosed with cancer one month ago and is undergoing very aggressive chemotherapy referred to as TAC. Anything and everything we can do to decrease her stress and increase the likelihood of her survival is what we aim for. Our goal is to raise $1,000 . We are not looking for large contributions and do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable. If you can give $5 or $25, anything is appreciated! If you cannot donate, we completely understand that too! We have so many friends that are going through even more difficult times.

This is our mom's story.

Fearless as she is, our mom decided to go boogie boarding with her long time boyfriend at Daytona Beach. As she was riding in on a wave, it knocked her over and the boogie board hit her hard in the chest. After braving it for a few days because she didn't want to miss going to work, she went to the hospital to see if a rib had been fractured. The CAT scan showed much more than a fractured rib. There were nodules in multiple places and she was immediately directed to an oncologist... and so it began.

Over the next 2 months, she endured test after test and endless days of not knowing her fate. She has undergone multiple MRIs, CAT scans, a colonoscopy, a PET scan, a brain scan, an endoscopy, many mammograms, 20+ blood test, a needle biopsy, a deep tissue biopsy and a bone marrow biopsy. The doctors thought it was Lung Cancer, then Lymphoma and after dozens of tests later this is all we know for sure: She has cancerous cells in her left clavical lymph node, the lymph node under her left armpit and there is a cancerous tumor in between those two lymph nodes. There is unfortunately not enough information in the cells to determine where this cancer came from. These are metastasized sites and without knowing where it came from, they are blind treating the cancer as aggressively as they can with extremely strong chemotherapy (3 kinds mixed in one). They suspect it is Breast Cancer but testing does not confirm it.

As her daughters, we are doing our very best to help her financially. It is tough to not be there as much as she needs us and we need her since we live in another state. She is not yet able to get her retirement. We are so blessed to have John and the most amazing friends living in FL and helping out. In addition, we have decided to fundraise a small amount for her in lieu of gifts, flowers, etc.

Thank you for reading this story .
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