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Friends and Family of the Davis Family unite to help them on their fight against Cancer.

On August 19, 2010 the Davis Family's life was changed. We discovered that my darling husband has cancer. Stage 4 tonsicular cancer. Started in his tonsils then moved over to his neck lymph nodes.
After almost a month of waiting for a visit with the Cancer Center doctors we were told that Craig's chance of a total cure was 75%. What a relief. My husband didn't want to mess with chemo and radiation if his chance of survival wasn't good, quality rather than quanity is how we both believe.
But now that we have the complete diagnosis we are faced with a multitude of problems that need solved. We have 3 children- who is going to take care of them while Craig is in treatment? We have a small hobby farm- who is going to take care of the house and animals? How are we going to pay for a second place for us to stay in Boise while Craig is having treatment? The fuel, the wear and tear on the car, medicine, doctor bills, hospital bills, kid stuff, household stuff, farm stuff- this list seems to be endless.
So, as is my usual form, I started with lists, then went down the list of problems and began to resolve.
My previous husband, Mark- will have the girls Monday thru Thursday. And I will be coming home on Fridays to stay at the house, leaving Monday mornings,(way early), to make it down to Boise to pick up Craig for his treatment. And since my son is already living with Mark he wasn't a worry.
A young lady who has house sat for us before will be here during the weekdays, and weekends if I need her- with no charge. And since Kitty and Sara will be riding the bus home then they can still do their household/animal chores before mark gets off of work.
My biggest worries were the easiest to take care of- with a cell-phone, computer,internet, teacher's help, and Skype I will be able to see and correspond with my children while I am away.
Now for the rest- medical bills? That seems to me to be a mountain, (and Ann- I'm afraid I only have a spoon to move this mountain!)I have filled out so many papers for assistance I am getting carpal tunnel- and the guidelines and rules are so ridgid. One lady laughed and explained, (as I gasped at the pile of paperwork she gave me to do)-"We just want to make sure you aren't a secret millionaire", REALLY? If I was a millionaire I wouldn't be filling out all those papers!
So right now money is our main concern. My husband is self-employed, no insurance, and now he is unable to work. The tonsilectomy wiped him out, and he had his stomach tube placed Friday the 24th. The procedure that was supposed to go smoothly with little recovery pain has had my husband writhing around on the bed and crying with pain. I can't imagine how the rest of this adventure is going to go.
We do, thankfully and with G-d's grace have wonderful friends and neighbors. A beautiful amazing friend of ours has ben racking her brain coming up with ideas- (her and her hubby)- a band Craig used to play with wants to do a benefit, and our children are talking with their friends to put together a family dance night- with donations and proceeds going to the "Davis Family Fight Cancer Fund"- as my oldest daughter calls it.
I believe that everything happens for a reason- and I'm trying to view this time in our life as a time of renewal, so please keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep everyone updated!
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