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Jason & Dawn are trying to raise funds to provide surgery for their beloved Rottweiler, Annabear. Please help us get her running again!

As all of our friends and family know, we are animal lovers. We view our 3 precious dogs as our children. We always provide the best possible care that we can for them. Our biggest challenge has always been Annabear. She is our beautiful 6 and a half year old Rottweiler. From puppyhood to adulthood, she has endured many health issues, her latest being a torn ACL in her left hind leg. Because of Annie's size, she will require an expensive surgery that will result in a permanent fix, allowing her to walk and run properly again.

Annabear (AKA: Annie, AnnaBanana, BananaHead, "Annakin" Skywalker) is the friendliest Rottweiler that you could ever have the pleasure of knowing. The Doctors and nurses at her veterinarian’s office absolutely adore her! Her Doctor says she is the sweetest Rottweiler he has ever known in all his years of service. She is always happy to greet you, eager to eat and always up for a round of tug-of-war. Her favorite activities include fetching her Frisbee, snuggling with her Mom and Dad, and relaxing with a Nylabone. She also has two wonderful sisters that miss playing with her.

Annie's first big health challenge came about 4 years ago when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called SLO (Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy). With this disease, the immune system specifically attacks the toe nails, making them brittle and causing them to break with painful consequences. As a result, she has undergone multiple procedures with painful recoveries. We have been able to manage the disease with maintenance medications relatively well, with her falling out of remission only once.  The amazing thing is that through it all, she is still the lovable, friendly girl, who is happy to see anyone, even the Vet.

Her second big challenge came about a month ago when she was diagnosed with a second autoimmune disease. This disease, ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) is much more serious. Her body again turns against itself and stops making blood platelets (platelets are what help the blood to clot). A side effect of this disease is that it attacks her joints. We feel that this indirectly caused the injury to her ACL, as she was experiencing lameness in her hind quarters on the day she slipped and her injury occurred. On the lighter side of things, she is getting the disease under control and we are weaning her down to a maintenance dosage!!

The injury to her ACL requires that she undergo a procedure called TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy). This surgery is performed by cutting the tibia and slightly re-angling the leg so that it takes pressure away from the ACL. The bone is then reattached using a plate and screws. This procedure is said to have a fast recovery time of 8 weeks. It has also been clinically shown to slow the development of arthritis in this area. TPLO is a permanent fix, so once healed, she will be able to walk and run again with no pain.

Unfortunately, this procedure is very costly. At the recommendation of our veterinarian, we are planning on taking her to Virginia Tech University where the procedure is more affordable, whilst still providing excellent care. The consultation and operation will cost roughly $3,500. We are redistributing our funds and are going to do whatever we have to do to take care of our baby. 

Annie has been a trooper throughout all that she has endured. She inspires us to take on our challenges with a smile on our face and love in our hearts. We want to give back to Annie by providing the best for her. We appreciate any form of support, whether by hugs, well wishes or money.  If we exceed our goal we will be donating the extra funds to our local SPCA. We hope our love and commitment to Annie inspires you to give your companion Animals the very best.

We will be posting updates, so check back with us to see how she is doing. Thank you again, for taking the time to read our story.

With All Our Love -Jason & Dawn

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