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To help my daddy walk again we are uniting to raise money for a total knee replacement. Unemployed, no insurance, please help us. Thank you.

My Dad, David, desperately needs a new knee. He is the best, hardworking Dad. Recently, the company
he worked for went bankrupt, leaving him unemployed and without health insurance. Due to severe
Degenerative bone disease his knee has lost all cartilage and ligaments (ACL, MCL, PCL and LCL) causing the
agony of bone to rub on bone. A huge Baker’s Cyst and a blood clot on the back of the same knee (the
left) has complicated the situation, increasing the possibility of the blood clot dislodging into the heart
or lungs, provoking stroke, heart attack or death. The Baker’s Cyst is filled with fluid which has been
creeping down his calf causing terrible additional pain, swelling and frustrating immobility for my active
Dad. He is depressed, paralyzed with pain and guilt while my hardworking school teacher Mom carries
the household, supporting him, my sister and me, barely getting by.

After receiving treatments involving fluid removal and cortisone injections that have given no relief, four
doctors concur that total knee replacement is mandatory.
Below are the doctors’ (radiologist) reports from May 2011 and February 2012

From 05/2011 - Indication: 56-year-old male with history of medial knee. pain, evaluated for ACL, meniscal tear and Baker's Cyst. Findings: Lax appearance with persistent intact fibers. MCL, torn. LCL: torn. Medial Meniscus: Large complex tear of the medial meniscus with an intrameniscal cyst in the posterior horn. Lateral Meniscus: A markedly deficient lateral meniscus with changes consistent with a large complex tear and prior debridement seen in the anterior horn, body and posterior horn. Other: Moderate to large point effusion. Large complex Baker's Cyst that contains loose debris and/or bodies, measuring roughly 4.5 x 3.0 x 7.5 cm in maximal dimensions.

From 02/2012 -The findings were the same as noted about and there is also a left-sided tricompartment osteoarthritis with lateral greater than medial joint space narrowing, subchondral sclerosis and marginal osteophytosis. A small joint effusion is seen.

As you can tell from the findings and everything else, my daddy is in rough shape, he is in constant acute pain and is unable to walk or be mobile. We need your help!

The money will be used for the total knee replacement surgery, including the equipment, anesthesia, new knee, 3 day and night hospital stay, surgery center cost, recovery treatment and physical rehabilitation along with other expenses accrued and associated with the total knee replacement.

Thank you for any contribution you can make.
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