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The family and friends of AshleyRose are uniting to raise money to support her in finding answers about a tumor on her pituitary gland.

At the end of 2010, AshleyRose was a healthy, vibrant young woman enjoying a new career, a new city, and a world full of possibilities. Daily walks on the beach and evenings playing games with friends were the norm. New an interesting business opportunities seemed abundant. Love was at the forefront as AshleyRose and Samuel were planning for their upcoming nuptials.

The new year brought a drastic change. As if a light switch suddenly flipped, AshleyRose's health mysteriously started to disintegrate. Rapid weight gain - 5, 10, 12 pounds per night happened for no apparent reason. Hair fell out in clumps. Exhaustion took hold and insomnia visited nightly. Drastic mood swings put strain on relationships with those closest to AshleyRose.

Panicked, AshleyRose consulted nutrition coaches, an EFT practitioner and two Naturopathic doctors to find the cause of the sudden rapid decline. Finding NOTHING abnormal in lifestyle choices and the usual battery of tests: thyroid, female hormones, basic metabolic panels, AshleyRose decided to go out on a limb and request that her cortisol levels be evaluated.

That test began AshleyRose's 10 month journey towards a diagnosis with a rare endocrine disease called Cushing's disease.

By March, AshleyRose was unable to live alone and required constant care. Sam moved AshleyRose from California to Seattle to be close to friends and family. In addition to all of Sam's other responsibilities, Sam took on almost full time care of AshleyRose. By October, live in care was required for AshleyRose and the couple gave up their plans for a wedding in favor of beginning their life together immediately so they could fight AshleyRose's illness together.

After a brutal 10 months and approximately 10 doctors, 200 tests, 1 MRI, and daily monitoring of symptoms, AshleyRose has hit a wall. Here's what we know:

1. One of the leading experts on Cushing's disease remains suspicious that AshleyRose has Cushing's disease but has yet to make an official diagnosis.

2. AshleyRose has a visible tumor on her pituitary gland - a small gland at the base of her brain.

3. There are several diagnostic level test results that indicate Cushings. Since this disease is very complicated, different doctors have different diagnosing standards. AshleyRose's current doctor wants just *one more* high level on one specific test.

4. AshleyRose continues to get sicker and sicker by the day. So far, it doesn't appear that there is permanent damage, and for that, she praises God. It is imperative that we get an official diagnosis and treatment plan in place for AshleyRose BEFORE things such as permanent cognitive damage, diabetes, and osteoporosis set in.

With all of that being said, AshleyRose has just received word that her primary Cushing's specialist has decided to leave private practice and go in to drug research. Little is known about the future of the Seattle Pituitary Center and whether or not the new doctor coming in with have the expertise to handle the intracacies of diagnosing Cushing's disease.

In a final effort to get an official diagnosis and move forward to treatment, AshleyRose has made the difficult decision to fly to Los Angeles to see the nation's other leading expert on Cushing's disease. This doctor is on the cutting edge of research in to diagnosing difficult endocrine issues. His private practice is VERY small and very selective because he is a full time researcher and a part time practitioner.

Due to the nature of this doctor's practice, AshleyRose and Samuel will be forced to PRIVATE PAY for his office visit as well as travel expenses. While the young couple knows this is the right decision to make for AshleyRose's health, mounting medical expenses make this trip seem out of reach.

Nonetheless, we are praying that AshleyRose will be able to keep her January 24, 2011 appointment and that this appointment will lead to answers so that the AshleyRose we know and love can once again exude the vibrancy we know she has.

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