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I am single, and need money to pay for medical bills in my fight against 2 type 4 lymphomas. one is incurable. Please help.

The Monday before Thanksgiving in 2001, my Father passed away from a sudden heart attack. I found out he left me with over $1000,00 in debt that my father had added my name to, so when he passed, I would not have to go through probate. His life insurance policy had expired, so I was left with all his debt. I left my current job, and took a job with Wells Fargo and commuted over four counties and a state line every day, to make enough money to pay the bills. From 2001 to 2004, because of the stress,, I suffered three heart attacks, and had five stints put in. I developed type 2 diabeties and gained fifty lbs. Yet still I worked on. In 2004, I got CHF and still worked. Then, in August, FEMA called, and I took an unpaid leave of absence to work the disaster. 14 days, after I returned back home, and to my regular job, My sore throat was diagnosed as stage four matasticied Lymphoma. I underwent surgery and in the hospitaal, was diagnosed with Fillicular bone marrow cancer, that is incurable. I had to go on disability and have been selling my personal posessions and furniture to keep my home. My sister moved in with me to take care of me and help pay bills, and we were scaraping by, because there is virtually no help for single adults who have cancer, let alone two kinds of cancer. The stress caused me to develop an auto immune disease and loose my hair. It will never compleately grow back. My toenails grew inward and I have had three surgeries to remove them, and had hand surgery to loosen trigger finger in all ten fingers. Another chemo side effect.
Last year, in December, because I qualified for Medicare, My insurer, Humana, dropped me. I scrambled to get medicare suppliment insurance, and Humana promiced me that I would still be covered under their vision and dental plan, since Medicare did not cover those. Because of the checmo, my mouth is always dry, and despite everything me and my dentist have tried, I have multiple caveties every year. This May, Humana denied my dental covverage, a tooh broke, last month,and I had another pulled because i could not afford huge dental bills. I broke two toes and taped them myself. I could not find any dental plans that did not have a 6 month waiting period and a year for crowns, so now, thouseands of dental work have been added to my other medical bills and I am now in the "doughnut hole" for almost $5,000.00. Since I do not have children, I cannot get any help. I spend slmost every day filling out forms for assistance, then being told I do not qualify.
I am only taking half my perscribed medications, because there is no generic and my doctor rarely gets samples. My remaining medications are being put on my JCPenny card, because Rte Aid aceepts it. There is now $2000.00 on the card. My cat got sick and that was another $1000.00 on a care credit medical card. Because of the increase in gas, utilities, food and now no real insurance and expensive insurance premiums and deductables, along with mounting medical bills, I am now nearly $100,000.00 in debt. I simply cannot make it anymore and am one disater from loosing my home and everything in it. My care giver told me of this site. Please, help me. I have tried to get part time work, but in the current economy, no one is hireing cancer patients.
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