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The daughters of Janet Peterson are uniting to raise money to help her battle against breast cancer. Please help save our mom!


Thank you for visiting the fundraising page for our mom.

Since you have taken the time to visit this page, we would like to take the time to give you a little background on why we are trying to raise funds for our mom.

Over the years our mom has gone by a few different names, Janet McNeely, Janet Veleta, Janet Steger, Janet Peterson, but to us she has always been “Mom” and to our kids she has always been “Grandma”. She has been a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, grandmother and most recently a cancer patient. In the very near future we would like to make her a cancer survivor and for that to happen we need your help.

Mom was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2004 after she had swollen lymph nodes in her underarm and she was told she had a cancerous tumor on her kidney. They removed her entire kidney in December of 2004. She also started radiation immediately, in November of 2004, at the suggestion of her doctors. She completed radiation in February, 2005.

Although the radiation did seem to rid her body of the cancer, the radiation caused irreparable damage to her body. The radiation damaged her cardiovascular system in such a way that blood travels freely into her arm, however, it is unable to make it back out of her arm, causing her arm to swell. At first she was told this was lymphedema and underwent therapies to remedy this condition, but nothing worked. Finally, in August, 2008, the doctors tried repairing this by putting a stint in her arm to help the blood flow, but the stint continually clogs with blood clots, even though she is on blood thinners. At this point the doctors told her there was nothing else they could do for her arm because if they did anything else her veins would collapse causing more damage, so she would just have to endure the swelling and the pain associated with it. She has been dealing with the swelling and the pain caused by the pressure of too much blood in her arm since she completed radiation in February, 2005. Even though she was in pain, at least she is still with us and we thought the radiation was successful and she was cancer free until July, 2011.

Then last July, she started having chest pains and went to the hospital. They did a CT scan and found nothing wrong with her heart. After a few days her chest became very distorted and she thought it had something to do with the dye they used for the CT scan. She went back for an MRI, PET scan and mammogram where they found a mass. They did a biopsy and gave her the bad news that the cancer had returned. Since she could not due radiation again, she went ahead and did chemo therapy. She started an aggressive chemotherapy, which included three different medicines being administered at once. However, this was too much for her system and she ended up in the ER. They waited a month and started a less aggressive chemotherapy, which consisted of two medicines. This was still too much for her system, causing her to spike a high fever, making her disorientated and very weak. This was followed up by a mastectomy. The doctors thought that they could also reconstruct the area at the same time. She went into the hospital, for the surgery on December 14, 2011. They told us this surgery would take a few hours but she ended up in surgery almost all day. She was told that she should only be in the hospital for a few days and that she would be home in time for Christmas. She ended up having multiple emergency surgeries, including one on her 62nd birthday (December 26th) which ended up with all of the reconstruction being removed, due to infection. She wound up staying in the hospital until mid February.

Even though she was sent home from the hospital she was not completely healed, she still is not healed from this grueling set of surgeries. She had to return to the doctor’s office numerous times a week to have them change the wound-vac which was put in place to help the two gaping holes in her chest and abdomen heal. She has ended up back in the hospital several times due to infections. They told her at one point that she had MRSA. The doctors later decided she did not have MRSA, but that the rash around the wounds was actually the cancer which had returned again. She started chemotherapy again in April, only to end up back in the hospital, twice, with a high fever. They had to remove the PICC line that was installed to administer the chemotherapy so that the infection that was causing the high fever did not get any worse. With the PICC line removed the doctors had to stop the chemotherapy. They then decided to start chemotherapy in a pill form.

The chemotherapy did not kill the cancer; however, it was killing our mother by damaging her heart. She was advised by her doctor to no longer continue with chemotherapy because of the damage it was causing to her heart. Since she was advised not to do chemotherapy her last option is to go with an alternative treatment, which is not covered by insurance. This is where we hope all of you are able to assist us.

Just the treatment itself will cost upwards of $30,000.00 and that is for the outpatient version. If she is able to raise enough funds she could possibly go through the inpatient version, which is around $45,000.00. This does not even touch the loss of income for her and her husband or the medical bills that have been piling up for the cost of the unsuccessful treatments she has already gone through. Since she has to wait to start the alternative treatment until she has the funding, she has decided to go forward, against her doctor’s suggestion, and do one more round of chemo to try and buy her some time to raise the funds to start the alternative treatment. She had to make this decision because she recently developed a rash that is spreading rapidly and the oncologist says that this rash is cancer.  We just hope that her heart is strong enough to keep her going during this last round of chemo.


Giving up is not an option! This should not be what life is all about. You are supposed to work hard all your life and then be able to retire when you are older. For the past 8 years our mom has struggled just to live day to day. We do not want our mom to be a cancer victim because insurance will no longer help her. We hope that we can alleviate her financial burden so, Janet, our mom can concentrate on getting better. Our hope is that all of you can find a place in your heart to assist us in raising the funds for our mom’s treatment, so that she can continue to be here with us and her grandchildren. So that she can be here to see her grandkids graduate from not only high school, but college too, to see them get married and have children of their own, and so that she can still be here to be our mom and a friend to all of us. We want to thank each and every one of you for assisting us with this very important fundraiser. 

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