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The family of Jodi Gordy are uniting to raise money to help with medical expenses (no insurance). Please show your support!

We are starting this fund raiser to help a family member of ours with medical bills and expenses.

Jodi, our sister, daughter, aunt married Don Gordy on December 21, 2010. Barely three months after their marriage Don became severely ill and was hospitalized for nearly a week. Since that time he has been in and out of the hospital many times often spending time in ICU (Intensive Care Unit). To their demise they have no insurance and struggle daily to make ends meet.

Don is a Type 1 Diabetic and also suffers from chronic high blood pressure. His medications tally up to almost $400 per month. Often times his medications are not necessarily what the doctors would like him to be on but rather something they can manage to afford on a monthly basis. Something is going on with him and they cannot seem to figure it out. They have done numerous tests, etc without success only to send him home with differing prescriptions. At one point they even removed his gall bladder only to find out there was nothing wrong with it. Due to their lack of insurance he has been having trouble even getting treated at any of the local hospitals. They have applied for financial assistance at the Cleveland Clinic to see if they can figure out what is going on but, as of yet, have not had any success in getting approved. Complications from his problems have left him “legally” blind and unable to drive or work. They have applied for Medicaid and disability but, as with other things, have not yet been approved. He struggles daily with nausea and vomiting which often leads to dehydration and yet another trip to the hospital. It’s been a vicious circle with no end in sight.

They have two small children ages 4 (daughter Bella) and 8 (son Deacon). Every time Don gets ill and hospitalized it results in the kids being juggled between different family members and friends and also results in a loss of work for Jodi. Their vehicle is a 2000 Jeep Cherokee and is a piece of junk and always breaking down but they cannot afford a newer one. We just bought a new radiator for them so she would get the kids around without it breaking down on the side of the road as it had done previously.

Jodi is a stylist and one of those special people that goes out of her way for everyone regardless of her current situation. She comes in early and works late if possible to help people out. She has many older clients who can no longer drive. She picks them up, takes them to the salon to do their hair and then takes them home again. She’s just like that. Everyone loves her and she is good at what she does.

We are hoping there are people out there who can and will help in some way, shape or form. We cannot begin to thank you enough for any donation, support and most importantly prayers.

God Bless You!

There are other forms of help they can use other than cash and some of the most helpful ones have been listed under the wish list. If you can help with one of those items or would like to send a donation or letter of support in person please do so to the following address:

Jodi Gordy and Family
PO Box 91
Bremen, IN 46506

Any amount of support is certainly appreciated.
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