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Please help me help Penny, my 2 year old Alaskan Malamute rescue, be spayed and treated for Lymes disease and recover from previous neglect!

Penny Lane is my 2 year old Alaskan Malamute that I found and adopted. I found her at a house where her then-owners left her outside all day, every day, and she was left unvacinnated and with little care. She had bad scabs on her ears from untreated fly bites, was probably never brushed -- her coat was stiff and dirty. She had been laying in holes that she dug under a table -- the only form of shade in the yard for her -- to get away from the heat. She came to us skinnier than she should be, and in need of TLC.

I took her home immediately, and she has been nothing but a sweetheart and a joy to be around. She's been all brushed up and her coat is looking better. Her fly bites have, since she's been here, improved because she is an indoor doggy now and is loving the air conditioning! However, Penny was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Infection and is undergoing more tests to make sure she doesn't have any other worms or infections. Because her last owners did not vaccinate or care for her, she is in pain from the disease. She is being treated currently, but because she is 75 pounds, her costs are doubled.

Because of the lymes disease, she has a lot of trouble breathing and has a lot of joint pain. She isn't able to full-out run like she should, and acts the part of an older dog when it comes to her mobility. She has trouble getting up and down because of it, her leg goes "lame" and she slides out while she's trying to go down stairs. Even though she loves to play and go on long walks, it's hard for her, and for us to watch -- since she will end up stiff and unable to move around much for the rest of the night. She loves car rides, but refuses to get in and out because she can't. This girl will cuddle with you and let you sleep with her for hours and all she needs is love, and some help getting healthier. We are giving her an Omega 3 supplement, and 350 mg of antibiotics for her Lymes in hopes that it will not come back again, but it is a disease that, like in humans, will be with them their whole lives (but hopefully will stay in remission).

She was also never spayed - but we were told she is an excellent candidate for laproscopic surgery due to her size and condition. It is difficult to come up with the funds for her to be spayed and treated and we are doing our best, but need some help. This dog is an absolutely special animal and loves unconditionally, and she deserves to be healthy and happy and pain-free. I couldn't watch her be put in a shelter, so I had to take her home. Please help Penny be spayed and treated for her Lymes! We promise to be her forever, loving home, but please help us to help Penny!

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