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Trying to raise funds for a new Service Dog

Imagine yourself stuck on the ground for days. Maybe even a week. Not being able to get to the bathroom,
get anything to eat, or drink. Doing something as simple as answering a phone. Even worse, how about being
the floor, having seizure after seizure, your health deteriorating with each episode. Not being able to get to
the phone to call for help, to your meds to stop the episodes in the first place, or away from furniture that
could be potentially hazardous to your health. Now imagine if all that could change with one item in your life.....

A Service Dog....

Each year Service Dogs bring phones to be able to call aid, bring medicine boxes, even help people with mobility
issues off of the floor so they can continue their lives or summon help.Could you lay there for days before someone
checked on you?

These Dogs make such a difference in so many disabled people's lives.Being on Social Security and barely able to
make it, makes having this service available to them hard. Service animals are expensive, and the training is extensive. Most
courses run about two years. With people willing to help, donate time and or money makes this more possible for people
them. I know, I'm one myself. A year, racking up medical bills, even having my health deteriorate just from having too many episodes. These dogs are a
needed tool in our day to day lives. Not everyone can donate. I understand the economy is tight, and everyone is having
a hard time. But if you can find it in your heart, even $5 helps. Together you can make a difference in my
life that can't afford a service animal of my own. Please, just look into your heart, and think of how I must
feel not being able to do normal everyday activities, just because a trained animal costs so much. Consider helping a disabled person
out, and contributing to a fund that would help a disabled person get the service dog or that I need.

My friend's Service Dog Dosha his 5 yr old Pit Bull will bring him a phone,his pill box, even helps him off of the floor by bracing. She
detects his warning signs an hour before he feels them, so he can medicate while he's still mobile, or if he waits too long,
bring him his 7 day med box, or a bottle of pills. Without this animal he could be in and out of the hospital multiple times.

Without a Service Dog I can't be more independent, I can't go back to working or go places on my own. Having a Service Dog will be a REALLY BIG HELP,

Thanks for taking the time to read this, please find it in your heart to donate and allow me to get a new Service Dog

Without a Service Dog I would not live a normal life. It will allow me towalk, and do what other people take for granted. Having a Service Dog will helpme live my life to its fullest. NOT all breeders are bad, I understand many of you out there don't like breeders. Also please understand this is VERY IMPORTANT for me and where I choose to get a dog is up to me and NO ONE else
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