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This is the Peaches Surgery Fund. The funds will be only be used for the dog's veterinary costs related to the patella luxation surgery

***This is one last effort before I closeout the event tomorrow evening. I changed her goal amount because she needs the more extensive surgery; her ligament is torn. I have also opted to have the funds directly sent to the vet. The vet and surgeon agreed to perform the surgery for $1,600 (usual price is $2,500) because they was inspired by everyone's donations in such a short amount of time. Thanks you all....and you all inspire me to give back once Peaches recovers! <3*** Please help offset/assist with veterinary expenses to alleviate the financial burden and to help Peaches get the medical attention she needs and deserves. Peaches, is a 7-year old, fawn colored pitbull-and my best friend. See Peaches and I have alot of history. I found her when she was approx. 2-months old laying in the middle of a busy street. She was so little she had not even lost her puppy teeth! She was very timid, possibly already being abused and had a hurt shoulder. I was going through a rough patch in my life, already had another dog and no place to stay. It was rough but the dogs and I managed. We overcame alot and were doing well until last week. Peaches as of last week hasn't been walking so well. I was finally able to gather enough money to take her to the vet for a diagnosis. I was informed that she has a condition called "patella luxation." It is not life-threatening but it does hinder her movement and is painful. The doctor informed me that she needed corrective surgery. The surgery will cost about $1,200.00. At this point, I am about $900.00 too short. With this surgery, she is expected to have a full-recovery and a long, happy life. Should this surgery not happen or gets put off, she runs the risk of damaging her ligament, which in turn will lead to a more complicated procedure and larger vet bill. I was unable to pay the extra $150.00 for x-rays to check her ligament. But at this point, the doctor is sure that her patella is the problem. It is my hope that I can raise enough money for Peaches to have this procedure done by the end of January so that Peaches can begin to enjoy walking again. As of right now, she is couped up inside. I am trying to keep her quiet so that she isn't in any more pain than she has to be. Per the doctor, the stairs are a "no-no." I carry her in my arms up and down the flight of stairs to let her outside to potty. It is my goal to get Peaches the medical attention she deserves and that I can not afford. Any prayers or financial assistance that anyone can offer are appreciated. Everyone that knows Peaches loves her...and believe me she has a lot of friends! No matter where we go someone knows and/ or asks about her! If you have any questions, suggestions or just need to contact me, please call Rachel Bingham at 702-498-6375 or e-mail at: All your generous contributions, thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated! Thank you all sooooo much! XOXO
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