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The family and friends of Andrew Standley Jr. are uniting to raise money to help with his battle against RSV. Please show your support!

Rsv is like a really bad head cold in an adult. but in an infant rsv can potentially kill them if not treated, because of the lack of oxygen they recieve. They do not know to breath through their mouths, so when trying to inhale through their nose their not recieving the amount of oxygen they need. it also affects the right upper lobe of the lung, and causes it to collapse.
Baby Andy was 7.2 pounds at birth and now weighs 6.4 pounds, he has finally gained an ounce after being in the hospital, but he's still a little shifty. His weight fluxuates about every 2 days. He either gaines or loses. So heis now on a special diet with added calories. If he does not start gaining more weight with this diet they will run tests to see if anything else is wrong. His right upper lung was slowly collapsing, now we are just trying to get it to reinflate and heal from the virus. He is still on oxygen to help him breathe, they have tried to take him off, be he desaturates to low 80's or even into 70's still. There is a chance he will come home with an oxygen tank for a couple months until hes lungs completely heal, but that is still undecided while still in the hospital.
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