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This is for Jamie and James Baetje to help with the expense of In-vitro. Anything helps! Thank you for your love and support.

Our Journey:

March 15, 2012 I had my first doctors appointment to see why my husband and I could not get pregnant. We sat down with the doctor and discussed all possible reasons why we were not getting pregnant. Our doctor suggested doing some tests to start off with to finding the cause. We got some appointments made that day. First was James my husband had to come back in one week to get his sp
erm tested, and I had to come back April 22 to do an HSG test to see if my tubes were open. James and I were very excited to get started and we even went out that night to shop for baby stuff.

March 20, 2012 James went in for his test

March 22, 2012 Was called and told to come in next week to discuss the findings.

March 27, 2012 Was told James sperm count was low and to change his diet. We were getting discouraged by this point even though it was only one bad result. So James changed his diet from this point and we made another appointment for a week before my HSG to test him again. He was also working in a very hot area at work and asked to be switched to a different job. He changed his diet, stopped taking hot showers, took multi vitamins, and followed the doctors orders to the tee.

April 16, 2012 James went back in today to do his test again, and hopefully this time next week when we come in for my test they will give us good news.

April 23, 2012 James and I was at the hospital at 8 in the mornning to prepare for my test. We were still wondering how his test results went but was unable to talk to the doctor until after my test. So while we waited I sat there with my leg shaking and so nervous. I had heard about this test online, and might I recommend that nobody do their searching online it will scare you, so I was so scared and thought this test was going to be so painful. I had read to take some pain meds before the test so I did that morning before we got there with a sip of water since I couldnt drink or eat after midnight the night before. A lady walked into the waiting room and called my name. I immediatly started to cry as we were walking down the hallway. The nurse was so nice, she asked what was wrong and I told her how worried I was. I said that I was so scared that my tubes were blocked and that it was going to hurt. She assured me that no matter what that things always work out in the end for patients like me. So here I am in this XRay room naked from the waist down waiting for my test to start. They started the test and since I had done research on the net from youtube I knew what I was looking for on the screen. When they injected the dye it stopped in my uterus. No flow through the tubes and the pain was so bad I felt like my insides were being ripped out of my body. I kept watching the screen and the doctor pushed my dye in to see if they could open the tubes and this made the pain even more intense. I started to cry my eyes out, I knew what I was seeing without them even telling me. Both tubes were blocked. I was shocked and hurt and i really dont have any words. I thought to myself this is it, I will never have a child with my husband. It was the worst feeling in this world. So they got done with the test and my doctor was trying to talk to me about the results while I was still laying down. I was crying so hard he couldnt even finish. He was so sweet though and said "let me go get your husband so we can talk about this" My husband came in and I lost it more. I am crying now just talking about this experience with you. The doctor told us that both of my tubes were blocked and that further testing will need to be done and that we needed to schedule yet another appointment just to talk. I was so upset at my results and even upset that the doctor didnt tell us James results like we were suppose to know that day. So everyone left so I could change back into my clothes and James stayed with me. He bent over the counter and was so upset then grabbed a napkin and handed it to me. I lost it again. It was a sad ride home, but when we got home I called the office and made another appointment.

April 27, 2012 Went to the doctor for our results and my results were the same as they were on Monday, nothing was going to change that. So we talked about our options and we decided to go ahead with surgery. We had a long discussion about option during surgery and with my past sugery for my gall bladder they had found an absess in my right tube in 2010 so the doctor explained that this tube was more than likely going to have to be removed. He said with the scar tissue from my previous child and the c-section, that the scar tissue from that was probably the main cause of my infertility and he wanted to get inside and see what was going on. He also explained that my previous doctor before him said my uterus was dropping so he would need to susspend my uterus to abdominal wall with hooks. Then when all my hope was almost gone a little ray of hope came through. James' test results. Had completely forgot about his because we were so wrapped up in how mine went. James' results came back positive this time. He is soooo good to go... YAH! We were super excited to hear this and made my surgery outcome seem like it was going to be good as well.

May 7, 2012 8am in the morning I am being prepped for surgery. My son, husband, mother, step dad, and mother in law are in the waiting room waiting for a long 3 hour surgery to take place. Nerves are high and I am so worried. They put the mask on me and I remember talking about Hawaii and when I lived Dont know why I remember that and then making a joke about the surgery. While I was in surgery my husband was a nervous wreck, he even posted on facebook that I should have been out of surgery by now and whats going on. The doctor came out after 3 hours and told my family that everything had went great. My right tube was removed like he had anticipated and my left tube was not touching my eggs so he fixed that. Then he susspended my uterus. All in all he told everyone that everything looked great, so we thought. ....

May 12, 2012 Appointment time to talk about surgery. Now I was not expecting to hear what was about to come out of my doctors mouth, but here it comes. Jamie we were unable to get your tube unblocked. Now maybe it was spasming and thats why we couldnt see flow through your tubes, but I still want to do another test. This will be your last test before we start to talk about IVF. ( me ) Are you kidding me? I thought this surgery was a success? (doctor) It was we got all the scar tissue out from your stomach and the tissue was causing your tubes to not function, however, your left tube, the only one you have left is still blocked we think... (me) in my mind thinking "we think" huh? Another let down... I started to cry again.... Ok doc so what are our options now.... ? Well Jamie we need to do another HSG test and this time if its blocked we are going to use cannulation to unblock it. Ok doc so there is still hope we can do this naturally right? The doctor told us everything could work out and it probably would, but we also needed to start thinking about either IVF or adoption. So leaving the doctors office after making yet another appointment for a test I completely lost it on my husband. I felt so bad afterwards for having my melt down. I was just crying saying that we are never going to have a baby and I cant believe the surgery didnt work. I was so upset, which brings me to today.

July 9, 2012 Appointment for Cannulation with HSG. I cant describe how nervous I am, going a whole month thinking about this test and whether we can have a child or not. You would not believe what your brain can do when under this much stress, not to mention 2 days ago my neices 18 month old died in a tragic accident.... But I press on... Im prepped, ready for the test at 8am again. Pushing the dye in...... Nothing..... Mind saying not again... tears falling... its the same feeling all over again, but this time its so real. They worked on my left tube for two hours with no success. So now its IVF or adoption.... I have considered how this would affect my family in our decision about this, as my husband and I have prepared ourselves this time for a choice. We have opted in to doing IVF. We had counsel by my minister a week ago to prepare for what people might think or say about our decision as well. We know the risks, and we are mentally ready for this step. However nothing can prepare you for hearing that you as a woman are unable to concieve. I cant even put them into words because no words express the sadness or loss of your womanly right to have life in your stomach. The biggest question I have had through this entire experience is why do we need to have a child so badly when I already have one. My son, Dalton Jess is the best thing that has ever been brought into my life besides meeting my husband. I was young at the age of 18 when I had my son, and I have gone through a lot of emotions as a teenager starting out to maturity at 33. I love my son with all my heart and soul. The reason we, my husband and I, want to have a child is because we want to experience the miracle of birth together with one of our own. He has never experienced this and I want to give him this experience as a pregnant wife to the first kicks you feel, and to the joy and happiness that you feel when your baby reaches for your hand and holds it for the first time. I know my son also wants this as bad as we do. He is constantly asking when he will get his brother to teach him how to annoy me... :) I know this is the best decision my family will have to make. Dalton and James I love you both with every breath I have and we can all do this together as a team. This is my story, my sadness throughout, and my hopes for the future.

We have done lots of research into this matter(IVF) and our goal is 12,000. I dont like to ask for money or help and consider myself embarrassed if anything to ask anyone for money, but this procedure is so expensive. All we ask is that you pray for us, that's all we really need but we did make this page for who ever decides to donate. I appreciate any money that is donated for this cause, and ask Jesus to watch over you as you are an angel for helping us in our time of need. Thank you for listening and big Prayers to you. God Bess
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