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This is the Kim Sanders Adhesion Surgery Fund. The funds will be used for Kim's Surgery.

Kimberly Sanders
HC 3 BOX 4708
Keaau HI 94749.

Travis Sanders, I help manage and update much of this page

I am 27 years old, and have adhesions. Adhesions is like a class 3 malignant cancerous scar tissue that grow in side my abdomen and wraps around my intestines, bladder, ovaries... it hurts a lot especially when I move. It painfully pulls my organs across my stomach to places they are not supposed to be. It hurts to pee and causes bowl obstructions.
I am thankful that my state insurance has covered my surgeries so far. I have already had surgery 3 times to remove the adhesions. But they keep growing back because adhesions are so rare that most doctors don't know how to deal with them. In fact these surgeries have only made the adhesions worse and caused me to loose my uterus and appendix.
It scares me to death that the next organ I lose may be a vital one and I will die needlessly before age 29.

Surgeons in the USA have only a 10% success rate. It's that bad because the F.D.A. has been dragging there feet in approving the materiel that has been successfully working for 13 years worth of surgeries in other parts of the world.

The doctor that I need to see is in Germany and he has a 95% success rate with adhesion surgery.

I can’t possibly save $20,000 on my own in time before my body requires a 4th surgery. Budget cuts threaten my state insurance. Besides the doctors they provide don't know anything about adhesions any way and are likely to damage me again. I do have a period of months that I feel good in the first year after a surgery. Sadly the last surgery damaged one of my nerves. You know that feeling you get when you hit your funny bone rely hard? I get that all the time now but not in my arm. It starts in my lower back and shoots around my side then down to my groin and half way down my inner thigh. It’s horrible because this is the brief time between surgeries I'm supposed to feel good.

I want this surgery more for my kids then my self, so I can play and run with them. My little girl is always asking me why are you always sick and when will you get better. It breaks my heart that I can not be a better mother to my kids. I’m not able to work to help my family; my husband has to do so much because I am of very little use.

I thank every one who is helping so much. The money raised here does not necessarily reflect the amount raised. Because of Local donation yard sales and drives. Most close friends and family have been sending money to me at home to avoid the fees here at HC 3 BOX 4708 Keaau HI 94749.

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