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The money being raised here is to help pay Lawyer fees for the Well Being and Happiness of my Children

For the Love of My Children, I am asking for the help of the Public,Any caring Parent, Or Person(s) that care for the well being of Kids. I'm not asking you to help me, but to help my children. Here's my story: I'm goin through a battle with my X-Wife, she has wiped me clean goin through a divorce. And in the middle of this battle is my two children Daughter 5 (Taylor) and Son 8(Timothy). For the past 3 yrs. they have been very unhappy living with thier mother and they are constantly being neglected and being verbally abused. As each week goes buy I keep hearing more & more horror stories from friends and family about how they are treated, for example: i'm being told that my daughter doesn't get any baths durin the week, and my son gets one shower and that's on wednesdays.Me and my Family have bought them both clothes for this school year and I yet to see them wearing any of them, I asked my son where they were and why he doesn't wear them, and his responds was, Momma did something with them cause they're not in my draws. I'm only able to see them on the weekends which goes to fast. Almost everytime I see them I'm being told stories of how Momma is always yelling at them, in some cases i've witness in person, My daughter comes to my house with rashes cause momma does not help her keep clean. Also my Son sometimes come to my house too with rashes (He still has problems wiping properly) and dirty underwear. Just a couple of examples of what I go thru. When At my home I pay attention to them and make sure they wipe properly and to see that they are bathed. I always see to it that they have fun with me and that they are fed, take them places and to see family that they barely got to see in the past.So pretty much what I'm sayin is that I need help to make sure my Children are safe, healthy, and most of all happy....I need to come up with at least $2,500.00 by the 10th of october to insure that I go to court well represented. For the Love of my Children please open your I do for them every day thy're with or without me. Even if it's only ten will make a difference. I do have one thing on my side, and that is her boyfriend hurt my Daughter!!! but that case is still pending. I want to do whats right for my children, I love them so much and want them to be HAPPY. Thank-you anyone who is willin to help two young children.
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