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Please help me and David start a family! All donations and words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated :-)

As many of you already know, David and I are soon to be married :-) While we couldn't be happier with each other, we both want to start a (human) family.

Unfortunately, concieving a child naturally is not possible for us. We have researched our options including foster parenting, adoption, IVF, donor insemination and vasectomy reversal.

We evalutated all of the options based on various factors including the costs, complications and commitments involved with each.

Foster parenting and adoption are wonderful ways to give a deserving child a loving home, but costs are high (for adoption) and we would prefer that our first child be our own (although we are keeping this option open for the future)!

Donor insemination is the most cost effective method, ranging from about $700-$850 per attempt, but again- we would prefer a child that is biologically ours.

While IVF is highly successful it is also VERY expensive ($12,000-$20,000), can take mulitple attempts, and can result in multiple embryos.

If successful, a vasectomy reversal would allow us to concieve our own child the old fashioned way. While it is still expensive ($5,000-$10,000) we feel that this is the best option for us.

David and I agree that we want our marriage- our life together- to be about family, no matter what form that family may be. It is for this reason that we set up this fundraiser and directed you all to this website.

We could not ask for any better gift than the opportunity to help our family grow. We love you all and hope you will help us to reach our goal!

Thank you for your love and support!
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