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Scruff is a senior aged cat with a severe case of HyperThyroidism and is in need of Radioactive Iodine treatment that would cure him. Unfortunately the treatment is too expensive for his family to afford. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi, my name is Scruff!  I found my mommy helping a friend move into a new home and right away could tell she was a sucker for kitties so with caution, and what could hardly be recognized as a meow, I got her attention.  I have long fur so she couldn't tell right away what kind of condition I was in, but as soon as she reached down to pet me and felt every bone in my body I could see the sadness in her eyes.  That night she scooped me up in an empty box and took me home knowing if I was left behind I would have only made it a couple more days.  I don't think mommy intended to keep me, she already had 4 other cats, but she saw something in me and knew I was a very special kitty.  She gave me my own bedroom with litter box and fresh water and began the long process of helping me gain weight.  She had just lost her job a few weeks prior so she was home all day with me, feeding me small bits of Wellness canned food mixed with water every hour.  I scarfed down food in a matter of minutes and thanked her by snuggling my head against her hands.  A week passed and she took me to see the vet, I didn't like that much, but I guess it was necessary.  They took my weight, I only weighed around 4lbs, and tested me for FIV/FELV but thankfully I turned up negative.  After that I slowly started to get introduced to the other kitties in the house.  We weren't sure of each other and exchanged some hisses but eventually I learned to tolerate them.  Once I got free roam of the house, my mommy and daddy would often find me sitting on the kitchen counter talking to myself.  I liked to sing praise to the cabinet that I knew stored all those yummy cans of Wellness kitty food, I was so happy to finally have a loving home with food and water.  I don't have much of a meow, it is more like a crackly grumble, but where I lack in volume I make up for with enthusiastic head knods.  

I soon became a regular member of the family, I guess my mommy couldn't resist but to keep me.  She knew that it would be difficult to place an old kitty like me with a home that would give me the love and care I needed and let's face it, she couldn't resist my handsome self and my charming personality!  We have a routine now, every night I tell my mommy when it is bed time and then I go get in my spot on the bed right above her pillow.  She scoots down low in the bed so her feet just barely hang over the edge of the bed so that  I will have plenty of room to sleep above her pillow,  I even put my head on my daddy's pillow.  My mommy refuses to go to sleep unless I'm in my spot in bed.  I like to purr when I get face and neck scratchies at bed time, but my purr box doesn't work well so only occasionally a very faint purr comes out.

A few weeks ago my mommy took me to the Feline Medical Center in Pleasanton, CA for a check up, although I had gained weight since she brought me home she knew something else had to be going on because I ate a lot and wasn't gaining anymore weight, I would start panting when tired or excited, and my fur coat never improved in quality.  Dr. Marshall was great, she handled me with care even though I was very hyper active and nervous.  She took blood and urine to run tests, I hated that but I knew it was for good reason.  The next day my mommy got the news... I was diagnosed with HyperThyroidism, the normal thyroid hormone range for a kitty is .4 to 4.0 but I was at 14.5, my liver enzymes were elevated, and mommy later found out my urine was dilute but thankfully no kidney infection.  Dr. Marshall started me on Methomazole right away at a low dosage.  Unfortunately a couple of weeks into receiving the medication I began throwing up all over the place so mommy had to stop my medication for a couple of days and restarted it  at an even lower dose, .05mg a day instead of .1 twice a day like before.  It will be a long process to increase the Methomazole to a stronger dosage so long as I don't get sick from it again.  I can tell my mommy is worried though because of the affects it has already taken on my old man body and the continueing affects of it while she tries to get me accustomed to the medication.  The only other option is for Radioactive Iodone treatment, this treatment would cure me of the HyperThyroidism but is very expensive.  Mommy was out of work for 4 months, she is working again but is not yet permanent at her job and still playing financial catch up.  Her and Daddy have been struggling ever since mommy lost her job and have already spent over $300 in tests and medication for me.  I've heard mommy cry in bed to daddy, she doesn't want to lose me and doesn't want me to be sick anymore, she say's that I am an inspiration to her and that we have a special bond.  I agree I love my mommy so much, we saved each other.  Although I am believed to be betwen age 12 to 16, my mommy is confident she could have years with me if I can forgoe the treatment I need to get better.  Deep down in her heart she knows if she lost me that at least I went as a happy old man in a happy home with her, but we aren't ready to say goodbye yet.  

I am hoping some kind hearted people out there might be able to help me to receive the treatment I need since my mommy and daddy don't have the money for the treatment.  Once I receive the treatment my mommy will post progress photos and videos to let everyone know how well I am doing.  I hope to one day be at a healthy weight with a very soft, fluffy fur coat.  Any help is greatly appreciated by me and my family, and I send many enthusiastic head knods, kisses, and head knudges your way :o)



For more information on hyperthyroidism please visit this link:


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