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A dear friend Sara Chamberlain 30 yrs old of Seagoville, Tx ,was in terrible car accident few months ago.

Spinal injury which has left her paralyzed and praying for help. She is now in rehabilitation for rehab and physical therapy. Sara has a 50 % chance of ever being able to walk again. She doesn't have family who can take her in and care for her like she needs 24 hrs a day. We are trying to raise the money for Sara to have a home to go to after rehab because as of now she has no where to go. I have volunteered to help care for her around the clock along with a couple of her close friends.
( DeShauna and Jeremy).We are hoping to raise. Enough to help Sara with a place. To call home. For her and her 9 yr old daughter. Now her having a stable place. To live and her well being is such a huge. Part of her recovery. Honestly it depends on it... Please. Help Sara in her desperate time of need. Please. Help her to walk again
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