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I am starting this page for one amazing, strong, and the most selfless person one can ever meet.

I met Cassy over 13 years ago and I'd like to share a little bit about those years to give everyone a glimpse of what this girl is really like. Cassy became my cousin a decade ago and fortunately she was there for so many joyous and some not so joyous times in my life and in the lives of others. She opened up her heart and home to so many out there, with Cassy you always have someone to go to and someone that will give you the shirt off her back without thinking twice. She became one of the most important people in my life when I had my last two children. Cassy was there from my kids birth to birthdays, from us having nowhere to go to our moving days in our new homes, and most importantly just a phone call away when any one of us needed a friend. She is the maid of honor in my wedding, and a godmother of not one, but two of my children, and we will all do anything we can to make sure we are there for her now. Like many of you out there, it's OUR turn to be there for Cassy. Just days ago Cassy was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Breast Cancer and it has traveled to other nearby areas of her body. She will be starting chemo in the very near future for at least 24 weeks, there will be surgeries and radiation to follow. I remember the first thought (admittingly selfish thought) I had when I first found out she was diagnosed with cancer.. "What the hell am I going to do without Cassy in my everyday life? Solving my wedding problems, hearing me gripe about trivial things, keeping my kids in check when they don't listen?!" "Cassy can't be sick, I need her way too much!" And then it hit me, this girl has spent the entire time I've known her doing for others and picking up the pieces of those around her, all while working double shifts, trying to sell a condo, being there for all of my kids and I moments both good and bad, and beginning a new relationship with a pretty cool guy. The timing couldn't be worse! Well folks now it's time for us to give back, give back to someone that didn't want to ask for help at first and someone that we all know would do the same for all of you! Whether your experiences with Cassy have been short or long, professional or personal, deep or distant, it's time we all pull together to show her just how much we care. We all know that Cancer sucks, but most importantly we all know the expenses that come along with being hit with something like this. Right now Cassy has a high deductible medical plan, an employer that does not offer short term or long term disability plans, home payments, and bills up the ying yang! I firmly believe that we can chip in and all help make the financial burden of this horriific disease one less thing to worry about so Cassy can focus on a fight to get better and stronger! She's looking at a very long road of treatment and unfortunately it's going to be an expensive one. Every little bit helps and it starts now! We welcome any ideas those of you may have for fundraisers and charity events on her behalf. Please reach out to me with those ideas and I assure you we can all work together support her in this time of need. OK everyone lets do this in a way that I know will make it even that more special to Cassy...., anyone that decides to share this link with others please try and add a funny, heartfelt, silly or crazy story about Cassy when you do...or even a photo! we all know there's plenty
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