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Please show your support by helping raise money for baby Julians battle with HLHS-Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HALF OF A HEART)

The family of Baby Julian Edward Urquhart are uniting to help raise money for his battle with HLHS.

At 18 weeks pregnant the parents Cristina & Jamie Urquhart received devastating news, their unborn child was diagnosed with HLHS. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Baby Julian will be here at the beginning of October 2012.

Let me tell you a little bit about HLHS. When baby was about 4-8 weeks in pregnancy the left side of his heart did not develope as it should. Therefor it is smaller than the right and can not do the work it will need to do. HLHS babies will come out and go straight to the ICU and get hooked up to a lot of different machines and will be taking medication to keep his heart working until his first open heart surgery. His first open heart surgery will take place up to 10 days after birth. These babies have a 70% survival rate and not all make it. At about 6 months he will have his second open heart surgery and at 18 months he will have the third. Now he may be able to live with only 3 but he could need a heart transplant if the surgeries do not work and the heart gets weak at some point in his life. He will stay in the hospital for minimun of a month after surgery. The 3 stage surgery is called the norwood procedure which came out in the late 1980's and life expectancy with HLHS is unknown. THIS problem can NOT be fixed. Baby will be living with HALF of a heart. Meaning the right side of his heart will do all the work for the right and left. There is possibilities that their could be issues with the surgery also. Baby may be delayed in motor & learning skills. HLHS is a SEVERE heart defect, the worst heart defect there is. There are many battles he will face in his life. He will get tired fast, he can not play sports, no smoking, no alchohol, no rollercoasters, basically anything that can work up his heart he must stay away from. To hot or to cold outside could give him issues. It's a very long journey for parents and the child with HLHS.

Although baby Julian will have insurance, there are medical bills that will not be covered as there are so many. There are many expenses to raising a child with HLHS. Back and forth to the hospital, doctors appts, losing work time and such. We are trying to help ease the bills that are to come for the Urquhart family.There will be only ONE income as one parent must stay home with the baby! We believe in miracles and pray everyday that baby Julian will be one!! Any donation will help!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your donations.

If you would rather write a check or money order you can do so by writing it to Jamie Urquhart and sending it to: Barbara Natoli 417 Wildwood Dr Rochester NY 14616.

If you have any questions or if you would like to speak about this feel free to contact Barbara Natoli (grandma to baby Julian) at 585-746-4346
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