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Love for Charlie! Let us show our LOVE and appreciation and help raising money in effort to pay the financial overload of bills!

Hello my name is Ashley Curtis I am one of seven children between Charlie and Mary Curtis. On March 11, 2012 Charlie Curtis an amazing dad to seven children and a friend too many was involved in a near fatal motor cycle accident. My younger sister and I await the arrival of our dad, we are currently in the process of painting our living room and the phone rings; the id shows dad, so I answer and begin to heckle him in a childlike manner in the effort to obtain information as to what time he will arrive only to have his phone cut out and the call to be dropped. The phone rings again this time I heckle him about hanging up on his most precious and favorite daughter, only to be silenced by a gentleman identifying himself as an officer informing me that my dad was being life flighted two hours away to a trauma hospital he was within 10 minutes of our house.
Ten minutes separated daughters and father reunion. On his way to visit us and to show off the new Harley he waited nearly 25 years to get; for unknown reasons he laid his bike down and rolled onto the oncoming traffic where he was then ran over. He was in a trauma ICU for nearly three and half weeks and remained in the trauma hospital an additional three weeks. Hours after the accident he underwent emergency back surgery in order to increase his chances of full mobility; without the surgery he would be paralyzed. He broke seven ribs and punctured his left lung. He has sustained two broken legs; his right leg alone has undergone eight surgeries in order to save it from amputation two of which were just to stop the bleeding.
In his right leg he lost most of his muscle, he has steel rods holding his bones together because they were either shattered to the point of non existence or broken into several pieces and two of the three arteries that run through were torn out, no longer existing; his left leg and foot has steel plates in place because the bones were so far gone they could not be repaired. The doctors have had to take muscle and tissue from various different parts of his body in the effort to save his leg. He has sustained a severe head concussion that has resulted in memory loss and child like behavior at moments.
Charlie remains in a skilled nursing facility that gives provides him with the basic care until he is able to with stand a minimum of three hours of physical therapy; once he has reached this mark it has been forecasted by his doctors that he will require at least a year in a rehabilitation center in order for him to be able to relearn to walk and reuse his body. Already Charlie and his wife are losing their home, and having to sell off personal belongings such as their vehicles and other items in order to try to generate money for bills, Charlie does have insurance and yet they are refusing to pay anymore, and he has no more income coming in for he has used what basic programs offered through his current employment.
The future is simply unclear, unsecure. Charlie Curtis is an amazing man and an even more amazing father. He is the rough and tough picture perfect image of what a biker man is, but his heart is as big as they come. He is a generous man always giving and always providing not just to his family, but to even those that he does not know. All donations will be used for medical expenses incurred/ resulting from his motor cycle accident in the effort to provide stability and peace of mind to the Curtis family! Let us give Charlie our LOVE!
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