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Alison Zugelder is an incredibly strong individual.

Alison faces the world head on; however, 2015 has proved incredibly hard for Alison. Despite her efforts to get healthy, having an autoimmune disorder, CVID, makes it difficult. Alison continues to have additional disorders added to the long list of diagnoses, such as Gastritis and Fibromyalgia. Although some of the diagnoses have helped explain the constant pain (which often could not be remedied with medication), and the numbness in her extremities, the most recent medical plight has resulted in surgery.

Through countless tests and appointments, doctors discovered a strawberry-sized tumor on her liver, problems with her gallbladder, and possible cancerous tumors on her intestines.

On December 11th, Alison had surgery to remove about 30% of her liver. Though the surgery went well, the battle is not over. Doctors had to remove more of Alison's liver than planned, and also removed her gallbladder. The final test results are not in, however, the tumors on her intestines do not look cancerous.

All the medical tests, appointments, exams, scans, and finally, the surgery has amounted in large medical bills. This is where the help of the community is needed.

Alison powered through her first few years of college, at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, by herself. But as the years went on, various circumstances made it difficult. Between the constant medical care Alison needed, school loans, and the basic cost of living left Alison and her family with large amounts of debt.

If possible any donation, small or large will help the Zugelder family. The neat aspect of the Give Forward page versus Go Fund Me page is that individuals, in addition or in lieu of a monetary donation, can chose to make the family meals. Hopefully family or friends who live in close proximity to the Zugelder's can coordinate this to alleviate some pressure off the family.

Alison is truly an inspirational individual, and is the sole reason why I managed to graduate from Xavier. I really hope that you consider helping Alison and her family out in any possible way.
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