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The family and friends of Amelia Groeschel are uniting to raise money for medical cost and related expense not covered by insurance.

My daughter, Amelia who just turned 44 last August was diagnosed with breast cancer. In Sept she went for a routine annual mammogram. A week later she received a call telling her she needed to come back to have a diagnostic mammogram. Never did she even consider having breast cancer, no one in our family had ever had breast cancer. When she called me, I tried to tell her that had happened to me many times, and it had, that sometimes they are just abnormal and I was sure everything would be fine. I knew she was scared, she told me that as she was sitting in the waiting room waiting to be taken back for the diagnotic exam, she kept telling herself "everything is ok, don't worry, I have 3 beautiful kids, 20, 17 and 3 and a wonderful husband who all need me". After the exam, she was taken back to the waiting room so the doctor could look at the films. What seemed like hours later, the tech came to tell her they needed to do a ultrasound becuse of a shadow they saw. After completing the ultra-sound the tech went to get the doctor and she said she knew. The doctor came in and told her they had found a lump in the left breast and calcium deposits in the right and that both needed to be biopsied. An appointment was set, she left and had to wait a week and 3 days until she got the results.Instinct told her what was in store.She and her husband Paul had already discussed what they would do.

She got the phone call on a Friday and made arrangements with surgeon and made the decision to have a bi-lateral masctecomy. Surgery was scheduled for Nov 11th. Naturally she was scared, , cancer is not a word anyone wants to hear, she had never had surgery, she has 3 children and her first thoughts were of them and her husband. She was scared and upset as to what this could do to her family. With a 3 year old daughter, a son in high school and a daughter in college, she had no idea how she was going to manage. Thankfully she has wonderful family and friends who were very supportive and caring.

so many things happening at once, her surgery, Thanksgiving, her first chemo treatment, her little girl Cadance's 3rd birthday, Anthony's 17th and then Christmas Eve. Her hair had begun to come out and that was when she made the decision to just go ahead and shave it rather than have it fall out in clumps. Imagine trying to explain to your 3 yr old why mommy doesn't have hair.

Even withall the pain and seeing the surgery scars, I think she was in denial until just recently and she told me it had just hit her, I HAVE CANCER and started to cry..

She is scheduled for reconstructive surgery on May 25th. Northside ..Hospital refused to allow her to have the surgery there becuase she still owes them money!! can you imagine? Her wonderful surgeon made arrangements for her to have the surgery at Piedmont Hospital...please keep her in your prayers...

The medical bills just keep rolling in, if you are able to and are so inclined to make a donation, small or large, all are appreciated. The bills are overwhelming and she does not need this additional stress. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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