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The family and friends of Debbie Case are here to try and raise money for medical expenses in her fight against this cancer. God Bless!

My mother was diagnosed with small cell cancer in the lungs in 2010. When we initially found out she was able to receive assistance from medicaid because she does not have insurance. When she went into remission she lost her Medicaid. Six months later the cancer came back and moved to her brain. Medicaid explained that she must wait 2 years before she become eligible for assistance again. So since then we have been doing small fund raisers since to help pay for medical expenses. The big problem is that the cancer keeps coming back, now for the fourth time, and more rapidly than before. Now she has a tumor in her cerebellum which is causeing her memory to fade, vision to be blurry, and the balance is getting worse. Her doctors want a lump sum deposit before beginning treatment then allow us to pay the rest off in payments.

Sat. April 30
Thanks to everyone who made it out to the fundraiser for my mom at Chick-Fil-A. You all helped raise 3500.00. We still need to raise about 6500.00 to cover the remaining bills. For those that weren't there, it seemed like the entire Grace church of Humble had shown up, there were people out both doors and wrapped around the street in the drive-thru. My mom was able to show up and she was overwhelmed with the show of support. It was something I will never forget.

Sun. July 31
Well I just got news that the two tumors in my mothers brain are doubled in size, and since they have already done radiation on both sides the Drs are unable to do anything else. Right now she is on a lot of steroids to help keep swelling down, but the affects of the tumors are present. She is on a walker now, her short term memory is all but gone, she's falling down more, speech is slurred, and emotions are changing. The Dr think we might have a month maybe two left. She is going to the funeral home next week to make plans. This whole situation is very unsettling for me. I want to thank everyone who have donated, sent well wishes, and Prayed. I now will be leaving this up til Aug 31 for anyone who wants to donate. The funds will either go to funeral arrangements, or if my mom has life insurance, it will go towards my family members who have spent money out of pocket to house, feed, drive, and take care of her. Thank all of you so much.

Aug. 29
The fundraiser is over on the 31st, I want to thank everyone for the help y'all have provided. H
The most recent happenings is that she went from using a walker, within 2 weeks she was in a wheel chair, now she is bed ridden. The dr thinks the cancer has spread to her spine, she can't use her legs, she has to have help using the restroom, she is on oxygen, her short term memory is gone and her long term has faded quickly, there are times that she doesn't know me. Hospice has helped a bunch, but it doesn't seem like she is able fight much longer. Her pain meds are not very effective, so now she is on morphine. Over the next couple days I'm asking for any help that anyone could provide, the money raised will go towards expenses incurred during the time. 2 days left can y'all rally one more time for me. Thank y'all so much.
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