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The Chicken Fund is to raise money for his spine surgery and months of therapy. He'll need to relearn to walk again, poor guy!

Please Help My Baby "Chicken"

To my family, friends, and friends of friends (all kind-hearted dog lovers),

This is my pet Chihuahua, Chicken. He is the love of my life and won the many hearts of my friends who know him. He had an unfortunate mishap that left him immobile in his hind legs.
I want to share my story and help raise money for his needed surgery, medical bills, and subsequent rehabilitation.

Here’s what happened… My friend invited Chicken and I to his dog's birthday party. He said there will be a handful of other invited dogs there. As we walked in I was excited to see three other dogs playing around. I took Chicken off the leash as we entered as this was obviously a “dog friendly” environment – after all it was a doggy birthday party. Within 5 min, a 20 lb black dog bit Chicken in the leg which at first glance seemed to just traumatized him and appeared to have done no harm. Chicken at that point yelped and I immediately picked my dog up. Throughout the party, as more guests arrived with their dogs, my Chicken stayed on the couch whimpering or yapping even if I tried to hold or pet him (very unusual as Chicken lives for me to hold him / pick him up). I took him home shortly, knowing he was in no mood to play or socialize with the other dogs. I didn't realize how severe the bite was until the next morning when my dog couldn't walk. I spent the next day from 10am to 6:00 pm at two different vets. The visits, x-rays, examination, and medication alone cost just under $1000-.

I have to raise money for his surgery or else he will become paralyzed and be put to rest (he has correctable, but expensive spine surgery). The veterinary have no payment plans or down payment. You have to pay in full for them to operate. The thought of being a bad mother not able to afford surgery, save Chicken has put a lot of stress on me. Needless to say my life has been on stand still. It's upsetting and heartbreaking to see and listen to the suffering and helplessness of Chicken. He’s gone from being a ball of energy, joy and excitement to hiding in a corner, hoping no one touches him…

Unfortunately, the owner of the dog and host of the party have no money to contribute to his surgery. The cost of the surgery is $7000 and unknown future bills. I am asking for your help, for a donation to help get Chicken back on his feet. He is not yet 3 and has a whole life ahead of him. He has great personality, doesn't bark, well behaved, knows tricks, plays well, fetches, prances, has unique markings,... he is my Chickenator! If you can help my Pollo please click on the give button.

If you have an questions please email me. Thank you in advance for your consideration and please forward this to people who may be inclined to help.

Samantha Liu

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