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Proceeds go to help the Cohn family cover medical costs & related expenses not covered by insurance for Toni's recent hospitalizations.

Toni Cohn is my mother, and is the main financial provider for my immediate family in my household.

In the early morning hours of May 19th, we found her passed out in the bathroom of our house and discovered excessive amounts of blood in the toilet. We called 911 and had her re-admitted to Maimonides Medical Center in our home city of Brooklyn, NY (she was just there for a case of appendicitis). The ER doctors informed us that she had developed an enormous ulcer (likely been growing there for years) that was bleeding due to being located directly behind several of her arteries. They were able to halt the bleeding and removed all traces of excess over the next few days. She was set to be discharged May 25th... until a nurse found her again passed out in the bathroom with even more excessive bleeding.

The "clips" they put on the ulcer did not hold, which apparently is rare. That night they did a 6-hour radiology procedure on her arteries which will hopefully keep it in tact; but, since she has bled out once before, there is high risk to do so again. Currently she is stable, alert, and we are monitoring her condition around the clock. However, in the event that this occurs a third time, they will need to perform surgery in order to fix this once and for all.

She has also had multiple (and may need more) blood transfusions through this entire process. She has responded well to it, but as stated before, if she bleeds out again there will need to be more done.

She has medical insurance, but they cannot cover everything. Our bill the other day when we thought she was being discharged was a high (but manageable) $1,500. However, now with her longer stay and further uncertainty of how much longer this is going to go on, this amount is likely going to raise.

In addition, her doctor informed us that there will be a 6-8 week recovery period, although with this set back it may be even longer. That being said, during this recovery period my mother will NOT be able to work. We have signed her up for disability, but have yet to be approved and then there is no telling how long it will be until we receive it.

We are in a dire financial situation now; paying our/her bills will be very tricky in addition to any medical expenses her insurance will not cover.

I have set this up to help us get through this trying period as much as possible. My family does not know I am doing this.

This will be ENTIRELY going to help my family either towards the hospital and medical expenses, or my mother's other bills that she will have difficulty paying.

**Update 5/29: My family now knows, and since there is a strong possibility that she may indeed need surgery, they suggested I make the goal a bit higher to allow us some extra room in the event that this happens. Even if the goal is not met by the end date, ANY little bit helps!! **

Thank you for reading. My mother and my family thank you as well.

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