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All the funds raised will go directly to the Webber family to buy basic needs like rebuilding, clothes, food and house hold items.

Emily Webber, '92 alumni of Maranacook School had been living with her parents to take care of them during her father's cancer (he is in remission!) and her mother's poor health. Yesterday, 8/2/11, lightning hit the house and it burned to the ground. They have lost everything. Everyone got out safely but with only the clothes on their backs. 45 years of their lives are gone. Imagine waking up the next morning without even a clean pair of underwear. No home, no clothes, and all your pictures and memories lost. The devastation is unfathomable. The family is in dire need of our help. I know times are tough for most of us but I am asking our FaceBook community to help. Even a few dollars per person can go a long way. If everyone could skip one gourmet cup of coffee or brown bag lunch one day and give that few dollars to the family it would make a difference. Put yourself in their place for a moment and consider giving. All the things that we accumulate over years they need to get in a short amount of time. So many people use there posts to object to sending aid over seas and cite the fact that there are people in our own communities that need our help-well this is your chance to make a difference for our own. Emily is active in her church- Mt. Vernon Baptist- she is always donating her time to organize food drives, help at the bread of life kitchen, organize youth retreats and much more. She also works two jobs and is also a substitute bus driver and has her own photography business. Unfortunately, despite the fact that she works none stop-sometimes 14 hours a day the pay isn't much. Enough to live on but not enough to cover the expenses of starting from scratch. Her dad, Harold, worked many years for the state but just retired due to his cancer, and his wife has been a homemaker and taken care of her family all her life .These are hard working tax paying Americans who just had one of the worst things happen to them and they need our help. Even if you can only afford to give a dollar or two (more if you can afford it) it will help if we all band together. And you can also help by inviting all your friends to the fund raiser (there is a link on the fund raiser page) If everyone invited all their friends and all those friends invited their friends....well you can see how fast and how much we could raise even if everyone gave just a dollar. They have dedicated their lives to helping those less fortunate, now it is our turn to help them. We can't replace the memories they have lost ( family photos, mementos, etc,) but we can help them get the basics like clothes, food and shelter. Let's do something amazing for a family that deserves it. We all have an opportunity to be heroes to this family. Don't forget to invite all your FB friends to the fundraiser page!
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