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Help for Cake is a fundraising effort aimed at giving a puppy that has had a rough start a chance at a full and normal life. Please help.

Cake's Story

Cake is an incredibly sweet little mixed breed dog who has had a very rough start to life. She is only about 1 year old but has already had multiple surgeries and medical procedures. She has spent almost 2 1/2 months of her short life in the hospital. She always has a tail wag for everyone, no matter how badly she feels and has never met anyone she didn't love. This is her story.

Cake was found wandering the grounds of an airport. A kind individual decided to take her home and she received love, vaccinations, and was spayed. Shortly after, Cake was hit by a car. She had multiple pelvic fractures, a spinal fracture, and a tear in her diaphragm. She underwent two separate surgeries to repair the injuries including having the head of one of her femurs removed. After both of the surgeries Cake had significant amounts of gastric reflux and regurgitation. Her esophagus became extremely inflamed which could not be controlled despite therapy. The esophagus doesn't heal well and will often scar closed or stricture. Cake was no exception. After a month spent in the hospital undergoing treatment for her traumatic injuries she was transferred to another hospital to start treatment for her esophageal strictures. A feeding tube was placed that goes directly into her stomach through her abdominal wall. She started receiving procedures where a balloon was used to expand the strictured areas of her esophagus and break apart the scar tissue. Unfortunately, these strictures will continue to form and many balloonings will likely be needed before they resolve. After more than another month in the hospital getting these treatments she was finally ready to be sent home. Her esophagus continued to stricture but she would be able to come back less frequently to receive the procedures. However, when her owner came to pick her up he realized that he would not be able to offer the care she needed. He felt he had no choice but to relinquish her.

We had all become so attached to her and she had gone through so much. None of us could fathom the idea of euthanizing her. I agreed to take over her care which includes three times daily medications and feedings through her stomach tube or by mouth in a specially built chair that holds her upright. Cake has so far needed 11 balloons but is showing improvement. After one of her procedures she developed aspiration pneumonia and spent two days in the intensive care unit on oxygen support and IV antibiotics. She has since recovered completely from the pneumonia. Even while laying in the oxygen cage she still had a tail wag for anyone that came by.

Despite everything Cake is still a happy and normal puppy. She runs around and plays with her housemate Riley. She occasionally gets into trouble and would like nothing better than to chew the soft plastic tube on her side that tastes vaguely of food.

Cake continues to need ballooning procedures to keep her esophagus open and we don't know how many will ultimately be needed. She could potentially require an esophageal stent, a mesh tube that could hold the esophagus open while it heals to prevent it from scarring down. Pneumonia is always a risk because she still has episodes of regurgitation and could inhale the food material. Funding is needed to cover the costs of those procedures and potentially purchase a stent. The stent alone can cost up to $1500. Cake has come so far and we don't want to give up on her.
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