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Trying to pay medical bills for this unfortunate mental illness that has happened in our life.

Everything was going great in our marriage. We had been married 4 1/2 years, and were planning on trying to start a family in early 2012. We had just enjoyed another great summer of free concerts in our local community, and were at the best point are marriage had ever been at. We had just started going back to church, God was coming into our lives, and we had found our faith through local church. That's when things went took a sudden turn for the worse.

My lovely wife had recently applied to be a manager at her place of employment. They turned her down, saying she needed more education. She decided to go back to school, while still working 40 hours, to try and further her education. About a week into her schooling, a manager at her work was let go, and my wife was sprung into a management position. But guess what? Not at the manager pay level. So she wasn't educated enough to be a manager, but now she was manager? My wife began losing all confidence in herself.

The depression slowly set in. It became worse and worse. School became too much and she had to drop her classes. It got to the point where she was becoming suicidal, so I took her to the hospital.

After evaluating her for a few days, the Psychiatrist on her first hospital visit told her "you don't need medication, just get over things" and she was released. Her and I knew something was wrong, so we took her to another psychiatrist who prescribed an anti-depressant. Unfortunately, that's where things got even worse.

Unknown at the time, my wife had become manic depressive (bi-polar) and anti-depressant can make the condition even worse. That's exactly what happened. When I was at work, my wife lost control of herself and downed 100 Motrin and Tylenol in the span of 3 minutes. Her brother was (thank God) over visiting and taking a nap on our couch. She woke him up as the pain set in, and he was able to call 911 and get her to the hospital promptly. She almost died, and is lucky she was not paralyzed or kidney/liver damage.

After another 10 days in the hospital, she was released with a diagnosis of "severe depression" and they had ruled our bi-polar at the time. She was scheduled to go to treatment meetings but walked out on day one. Less than a week after her discharge and on new medication, she went into a violent rage. Breaking pictures, throwing our wedding album in the tiolet, the scene when i got home from work was terrible. It was back to the hospital, and I was debating what to do. Should I stay? The violence (she had even hit me and spit on me at some points) was getting to be too much.

I talked long and hard to God, and to my pastor. The answer became clear when I opened up a daily inspirational book that ironically was my wife's. "Things may not seem like they are going to get better, but they will" That gave me the answer I needed and I gave my wife one last chance to get better.

My wife was at a different hospital during this third stay, and was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. The Psychiatrist seems to have gotten her on medication that is controlling her racing thoughts and mood swings immensely. She finally has the attitude to get better, and is feeling somewhat like herself again. It is of course an uphill battle, but I finally am very confident that with God, medication and the right attitude that my wife can control this illness. I love her with all my heart.

Unfortunately, we had "healthy person" insurance when all of this happened, and the medical bills have piled up. They're still not done coming in, but we expect a final bill of around 4,500-5,000 out of pocket when all is said and done. Our insurance has a high deductible, and co-insurance of 20% after that.

With rent, credit card bills, car payments, utilities, etc. the medical bills are creating a challenge. No one could have ever imagined that someone so healthy, would fall to an illness like this. We are back to church again, and my wife's attitude towards this illness has improved. We are simply praying for some help due to these terrible circumstances.

Thank you, and God Bless!!!
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