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This is the Timothy Peterson visual fund. All funds will be used for Tim's medical costs and related expenses not covered by his insurance.

Timothy's family & friends are trying to raise money for medical care that is not covered by insurance.

Our goal is to help make Tim's life as a disabled and legally blind young man easier.

Four years ago Tim was just a normal 16 year old student attending Carmel High School. He was part of the National Honor Society. He was looking forward to getting his permit and thinking about going to college. After months of dibilitating headaches "Migraines" the doctor told us, Tim collapsed and his life was never the same. Tim didnt have migraines, Tim had a tumor.

Tim underwent three surgeries to remove a brain tumor (AVM) from the back of his left occipital lobe of his brain. The surgery left Tim with neurological, memory and physical disabilities. But worst of all, a serious visual disability. The surgeons removed his brain tumor that was embedded in his right visual field. Tim is now legally blind, and suffers from left neglect and Homonymous Hemianopsia. To explain to someone what that means; if Tim places his hands on a steering wheel at 10 and 2, Tim only sees his left hand and whats on the left. He does not see the center of the wheel, his right hand, the passenger seat, or the road on the right. The right does not exist in Tim’s visual world. Going to the movies, Tim sees only ¼ of the left half of the screen, so he never sees the whole picture. Reading, he can only see four letters at a time. Try reading an entire page this way. Reading is trying and frustrating.

Just walking down the street without seeing his surroundings puts him in harms way everyday. Tim has fallen down stairs, off sidewalks; he's been knocked down for bumping into someone or something. He has been physically grabbed and threatened becasue he didn't see the person he bumped into. He has broken his arms and hands many times, twice in the past year from falling, this just making life more challenging.

Depression on top of everyday life struggles weigh heavy on Tim.

With the new advanced technology and a prism system added to special glasses, it will increase Tim’s ability to see 52% more of whats been missing on the right. MOST importantly, he will read 36% better. To Tim, this is the miracle he has been praying for.

We found a Doctor in Georgia which evaluated Tim and has neurological & visual technologies that Tim can benefit from. Though he has had other therapies, even his doctor's here in NY say this technology is the best chance for Tim. This is just not available here in NY!

The only way to make this happen for Tim is to fundraise what the insurance will not cover.

Medical care is costly! Tim will always be disabled, but we can improve his quality of life!

It is always hard to ask for help, but for Tim to get his miracle, the chance at a better life, I need to ask for help. Help us to help Tim.

Donations also can be made to:
Timothy's Visual Fund
c/o NTC Enterprises
PO Box 1299
Carmel, NY 10512
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