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All donations will go to helping Cody Hayduk walk again someday soon

On Sept 14th 2011, I was hit and almost killed while riding home on my motorcycle. Most people say oh...well, you were on a motorcycle. These are the facts. I was riding on pacific coast highway going less then 30mph to enjoy one of my first rides back home to Long Beach. I approached a light and realized that a car had pulled out into my lane and I would not be able to ride through the green light/intersection in my lane. I safely changed lanes 250ft before the intersection to continue through because my ride of passage had been blocked. I have a very very loud motorcycle. As I traveled through the intersection the women who pulled out on a green light to yield, decided she would go ahead and hit me anyways and explode my leg.

My leg turned into something called a de-glove, which basically means everything peeled back besides my skin around the heel and achilles tendon. My tibia was shattered /broken in 3 different places and my fibula shattered/broken. When I stopped spinning and sliding across the asphalt I stopped with my back to bike and my leg hanging with my foot backwards. I ripped my helmet off and screamed to nearest help while the women who hit me pulled over and called her friend to come accompany her in all her PAIN AND SUFFERING. I picked myself up and held what leg I had left so that I would not be completely drenched in my own gas and had three men who worked quick and hard around me to tie three tourniquets around my leg/knee/ankle to stop me from bleeding out and dying on the sidewalk.

I stayed awake long enough to make it to the hospital bay consious and tell the amputee surgeon that I could still move some of my toes. From that point on I was in the hospital for twenty seven days reconstructing my leg and going through seven different surgeries to try and save it. I was only out of the hospital for two weeks when I went back for a check up and found out that my leg had become completely infected and the skin was dying. This caused me to be re admitted to a hospital to have all of the plastic surgery done a second time(burning skin from my thighs and back, ripping arteries out from back). I spent another two and a half weeks in the hospital again hoping to save my leg and that the skin would live. I was released with hopes for the skin to heal and hopefully begin physical therapy.

At the end of February I was told that I could have the pins that were in my leg and ankle finally removed and was set on a journey to find surgeon/specialist who would work on my leg and remove the pins. It took me almost 6 months and 7 different appointments and doctors to finally find someone who wasn't scared of touching my leg and accepted my HMO insurance policy. On Aug 3 I had my pin removal surgery. I began a little bit of physical therapy and quickly realized that I would never be able to do the things that I loved so much and that are so much apart of me again with this leg.

I am hoping to have an evaluation within a week to find what now is the best and most timely option. It may be amputation. I thank you if you've made it this far in my story and I appreciate any donation, which is too much to ask for. And can only hope that one day soon I will have the chance to walk and function normally again.

Before this accident I was hoping to pursue anything I could creatively/artistically in photography/film. When I was hit and in the hospital I asked for all of my computer and cameras to keep shooting daily and document my story. I haven't ever stopped and don't plan on it, ever. I plan on using my photographs in several different Road Awareness Art/photography shows as a way to make people aware and one day tell my story through these photographs to slow them down. Please follow at

Thank you so much for your time and help
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