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Please please please help me save my best friend!!

Late Sunday night, instead of laying next to either me or Ben like he always does, he stood by the front door, standing awkwardly with his legs crooked, and back end tilted down. I just thought he really had to go to the bathroom. so I let him out. He immediately began doing his thing, until I noticed that his urine was a dark color and not the typical light yellow (I usually inspect his leavings just in case he's ever sick and needs more fiber or something). It was dark red. At first I thought he had a bladder or urinary tract infection and thought it would just pass, but the amount of blood was to much for me to ignore. Ben and I went straight to a 24 hour emergency vet clinic.
There they ran some tests and came back with the news... He has Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia. A very serious and life threatening disease.

IMT is a disease where his own immune system is attacking his own platelet cells, leaving him unable to clot. A normal dog of his size would have over 200,000 platelets cells, Jasper has ZERO. Without platelets, one cut on his leg, one internal bruise, one anything could cause him to literally bleed out and die. The vet told us that he could, like what's happened in his bladder now, just start randomly bleeding, and not be able to stop it. It could be in his eye, it could be his bladder again, it could even be in his brain with no warning.

Jasper's been in my life since he was a month old, and will be turning 4 years young May 16th. I won't go into all the things we've been through over the years, but out of all the things that's happened to me, he always been my rock. My best friend that I could always count on to be there for me, and now he might be suddenly taken away.

In order to find out what's causing his immune system to attack his cells and stop this from happening, the vet needs to do a lot of tests, give him medications, and a number of surgeries that could cost any number of thousands. I can't lose my best friend, I just can't do it. I have to at least try to get him the help that he needs. I'm selling everything I can and reaching out to anyone that is willing to help us. Anything would help and be tremendously appreciated. I don't want to lose him...
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