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A daughter is trying to give her mother hope at retirement some day. Please help her and support the best mother in the world!

Like probably many of you, my mom has been hit hard by the economy. I know what you are probably thinking, why is this story so special? And why should you donate? My mom is a special woman. She had done everything right in this world to be shut down. She is the hardest working woman I know with not a judgmental bone in her body. She works at Kaiser and the economy dipped into her retirement leaving her with not enough money to retire at the age of 57. My mom is almost 60, and she always tells me, “I’m not retiring any time soon”. This scares me. My dad was also hit by the economy, so he is no help to my mom but a burden, and I’ll explain why. I love my dad, but he has not always treated my mom the way she deserves. Growing up, my dad was there for the good times, Christmas’s and Birthdays, but my mom did a lot of the work in raising my two brothers’ and me. Man, she’s been a perfect mother. A little more on my dad, he owns a construction company with my uncle, and they and their business was doing well. I remember when I was a child they had an office in the garage of our small house in San Leandro. They eventually expanded, we moved to Livermore, and they purchased a small office. Recently, my dad has moved his business back into my mom’s and his house. When the economy started failing so did his business. He was trying everything he could to keep his business alive that he worked so hard for which unfortunately resulted in a lot of debt for the business. He has a couple of jobs going on right now that pays the bills for his business if you could call it that, but brings no help to my mom. I want to make it clear that this business debt that my dad created that the economy helped is not why I am asking for the money to help my mom. I would never ask for money for this reason because the economy is crushing many people right now including myself. I cannot find a job with much school debt. Personally, I’m not sure school was worth my time and money now. I just want you guys to get all of the facts, and see everything for what it is. The next thing I want to explain is my dad’s attempt to make different kind of money. My dad has a, I’m going to do what I want when I want and if you get mad at me I’m going to get madder and louder so that you can’t doing anything about it, kind of way about him. And when you love somebody like this and you want to see them happy… it’s just a horrible combination. Anyway, my dad has a “friend” who used to flip houses for a living before the economy’s epic crash. For whatever reason, his “friend” couldn’t borrow money and had asked my dad for his help. He told my dad, and this is before the economy tanked, that if my parents could pull out a personal loan for $100,000, that he could use this money to flip a house that he had purchased and that while doing this he would make the monthly payments on it plus interest paid to my parents. The idea here was to make money. My dad had talked to my mom, and my mom didn’t really have a choice. My dad wrote up a contract, and my mom signed it and the loan papers. She wanted to see my dad happy, and there was possible money to be made while helping a friend, although admittedly uncomfortable with the idea. But, friend was under a contract. The “friend” was, like he said, making the payments for the first couple of weeks while trying to fix up the house. Then the payments were getting further and further away from each other causing my mom to pick up the tab. When the economy finally tanked, so did the house, the business deal, and so did my dad’s business. My parents took their friend to court over the house and the contract. The bank took the house, and the friend claimed bankruptcy forgiving him of all his debts. And so my parents were buried in this $100,000 debt, and my dad was practically out of a job due to his own business crashing. Never in their friend’s life will he have to pay back this debt to my parents. This $100,000 is for nothing. Absolutely nothing! Just put yourself in this situation for a moment, and how unfair, and maddening it would be. But, life is unfair, and it’s easy to say that my parents should have never done what they did. You think that the contract would hold some validity, but the court costs created more debt, just to find out that the contract means nothing, because bankruptcy allows people to screw other people over. My dad has also along this road of hurt tried to make money in real estate. It resulted in more of a problem. The renters stole all of the copper in the house that my dad invested into. It’s a cheap nothing little house in Arizona I believe. Just like people stole the appliances out of the other house (not mentioned) people stole out of this house. Then my dad had to make the decision of fixing this rental property, or giving it up. Mom had no choice, he wanted to fix, so they did. Burden? I think so. Back to my mom. My parents have not claimed bankruptcy. They don’t want to and I don’t blame them. It’s not like my parents spent millions of dollars on superficial things, they just had a couple of bad calls plus the economy didn’t help. My dad’s business is in deep, deep debt, which is hopefully separate from my mom and him. My parents took a second mortgage out on their house (I hardly know what this means), I guess it means they borrowed against their house. They will never pay off their house, most people won’t though. They have no money and no more room for debt to make the needed repairs to their house causing it to depreciate faster and further. My mom lost most of her retirement due to the economy and again, I could not be more upset with that. The system failed her. On top of all this, and all of the other debt cause by the economy, that $100,000 that my parents pulled out was, yes, it was their fault, and they learned a lesson, and my mom feels stupid for it, but she didn’t/doesn’t deserve any of this. She’s pulling what she has left from her retirement to just stay afloat. She won’t retire, and honestly, I expect my parents to under, and need a place to go when retirement is forced upon my mom. My husband and I have our own struggles, but I will always welcome my parents into our home, and when that time comes, I’m sure my husband won’t be happy about it because he married me, not my family. I’m not asking for this money to help my parents rise above, or to pay off debt, because trust me they need a lot more help than this! I am asking for these donations for my mom. It’s to help a good citizen, to help her have a future in retirement. My dad is no help to her and their situation. In fact, he’s not a very good partner. He’s crushed and hurt my mom. He’s hurt her self-esteem, and has caused her unbearable debt. I love him. He’s a difficult person to love. It’s getting easier though as the tie goes on. I know I’m making my mom look like a victim, but that’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m just trying to explain the dynamics of our family so that you could understand. My mom needs this money and I do not have the means to help her, if I did, I would. She’s not a victim, she’s a fighter, and she’s still fighting this financial crisis. She is such an amazing person and mother and I would try anything to help her out. My husband and I actually pay the lottery from time to time hoping to win. And then we dream of giving my parents the sufficient funds to help them along. I’m sure were all hoping to win the lottery. What sparked this “giving it forward” idea was me recently talking to my mom on the phone. We’re very honest open people, so we tell each other everything hence me know a lot about her finances. Some people get offended by this kind of stuff. Actually, it was last night that I had talked to my mom over the phone. I asked her, “I know you aren’t retiring any time soon, but when you do, does Kaiser pay you anything?” And that’s when she told me about her retirement, and the economy, and how she’s even dipping in to the rest of her retirement to pay the interest (only the interest not the principle) of that 100,000 dollar loan. It makes me sick even just thinking about her situation. My mom deserves a break. So, then I was thinking if I could get 100,000 people to donate a dollar then it would help her pay off that damn loan. I only need 100,000 people out of billions of people to donate just one dollar. Change in their pocket if you will. Four quarters, that’s nothing. She could be in a better situation than she is now, not a good one, but a better one. But… I don’t know that many people, I hardly know 50. I’m not sure I want to end this and I know the amount is ambitious, but I have a lot of hope. Please help us, please help my mom. If I reached my limit, I would personally email every single donator and update them, and add a picture or video of my mom receiving the money. The money would be given strictly to my mother, which 10,000 of that would go to taxes and fees. A 100,000 of the money would go to my mom, well the bank at which the loan lives. Let’s kill this loan. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please take the time to also donate a dollar or more. One dollar at a time. Thank you.
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