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This fundraiser was created to raise funds for my fiance who was involved in a automobile accident as a result of texting n driving.

Hi Everyone, my name is Laurie and i want to thank you for stopping by and viewing my campaign. I created this campaign to not only raise funds, but to share my story and educate people on the dangers of TEXTING N DRIVING, DISTRACTED DRIVING, AND YES D.U.I. Someday i hope to help change some laws that are in desperate need of change. Our cell phone law in the state of Nevada just passed Jan of this year (2012) and they are already in need of change. As far as penalties for using your cell phone while driving, its my goal to help get tougher penalties implemented. Its time that the entire country take a stand and demand change. Using your phone is just as dangerous as driving drunk and it needs to stop. Im hoping that all of you who view my page whether you donate or not, make the change to go hands free. That choice could ultimately save your life or the life of somebody you love.   A year and a half ago my Fiance Bobby, myself, and my son Thomas were involved in a automobile accident that changed our lifes forever. The driver who hit us, hit us so hard, that the whole vehicle rolled and threw is 60ft around a pole.. All 3 of us thankfully sustained non life threatening injuries, and thank God nobody including innocent children who were walking to school that day were injured or worse killed!!!! However, my son sustained a fractured shoulder which required several months of physical therapy. My son injuries have since healed for the most part, with minor trouble once in awhile. I myself sustained multipe bulging and herniated discs along with mobility issues with my right leg. The problems with my right leg causes my leg to buckle and which causes my leg to go out from in front of me causing me to fall at times. Since the accident, my mobility issues make it very difficult if not impossible to leave my house. I have become dependant on others to do even the simple things. I have been unable to do even the very basic things like shopping or even just to get out and do things with my family and my Grandkids. Shortly after the accident my Drs highly recommended that i talk to my primary Dr about medical equipment like a scooter for my own safety and for mobility needs. All of my Drs including my primary Dr got together and send it their reports to my insurance. Do you know that medicaid denied me the scooter because they said i dont meet their qualifications. I was in shock. I couldnt believe that a Dr who examined me once for 45 min and sent in a report holds more weight than my 3 Dr who have been treating me for awhile now and who sent in their reports. I couldnt believe it!!! First me, my son, and my fiance get hit by an irresponsible driver who felt his conversation was more important than paying attention to his driving, now we get kicked in the teeth again by the insurance company. All i want is to get my independence/life back. I hate the fact i cant go out and do things with my family, my grandkids, and do things myself. If i was able to to get this scooter, this would take a huge weight off my shoulders and give me my life back. My Fiance Bobby unfortuantely wasn't so lucky. Bobby sustained multiple bulging and herniated discs as well as a neck injury. Since the accident, Bobby being the hard worker he is returned to work even with his injuries. Bobby has under went several months of treatments ranging from Chiropractor care to multiple injections in his neck and back and pain meds which he can rarely take due to his job. Unfortunately, the treatments the Drs and our family hoped and prayed would help have been unsuccessful. We were given the news that Bobby is going to need back and neck surgery shortly after the 1st of the year. This news couldn't have come at a worse time. With my fiance being the main provider in the household, Bobby Drs have said he will need to be out of work a min of 4 months possibly longer to recover and this is providing there is no complications, and he heals properly. This is really difficult and taking a toll on him and our family, because he doesnt know what to do because if he doesn't have this surgery, these injuries will more than likely end his career of 22 years. This is weighing heavely on him, because he has never had to ask for help before and he just started this new job a few months ago and this is his first casino job. He has always worked for private firms and most recently worked in the convention industry for 16 years. Bobby has worked since he was 15. He worked, went to school, and took care of his sick mother, until she died from Lupus the first day of his Senior year in High School. Bobby career is his life. He is very passionate about what he does, and takes his career and the people he helps very seriously. Right before the accident Bobby was getting ready to go back to school to get his degree in criminal justice eventually working his way up to becoming a probation officer. Bobby can take FMLA which is the family medical leave act, but here is the problem; it is without pay. Bottom line; with Bobby being the primary wage earner, we will not beable to survive on the little bit i recieve from SSI. The possitive side to this is, if Bobby has this surgery there is a chance he will heal and can lead a perfectly normal life. Without this surgery his career will end as a result of the unjuries. ALL MONIES DONATED WILL GO DIRECTLY TO MY FAMILY TO HELP WITH LIVING EXPENSES, TRANSPORTATION COSTS, AND MEDICAL COSTS LIKE THE COST OF A SCOOTER , CO-PAYS, MEDICATION, AND OTHER MEDICAL ITEMS NOT COVERED BY OUR INSURANCE. WE ARE ASKING THAT EVEN IF ITS JUST A 1.00, 1.00 IS SOMETHING AND PUTS US ONE STEP CLOSER TO OUR GOAL. WE UNDERSTAND PEOPLE ARE HAVING HARD TIMES RIGHT NOW, AND CANNOT DONATE. BELIEVE IT OR NOT YOU CAN STILL HELP. YOU CAN STILL HELP US BY PRAYING FOR OUR FAMILY AND SHARING THIS PAGE AND ENCOURAGING OTHERS TO DO THE SAME. ALSO, IM SETTING UP A FACEBOOK PAGE THAT IS DESIGNED FOR THOSE TO COME AND SHARE THEIR STORIES ABOUT HOW THEIR LIFES HAVE BEEN EFFECTED AS A RESULT OF DISTRACTED DRIVING, TEXTING N DRIVING, OR D.U.I. WHETHER YOU ARE A VICTIM OR JUST WANTING TO SHOW SUPPORT, ALL ARE WELCOME. THE LINK WILL BE POSTED AS SOON AS THE PAGE IS SET UP. ALSO, DONT FORGET TO CHECK BACK AS I WILL UPDATE AS NEW INFORMATION BECOMES AVAILABLE. WITH COMPASSION FROM ALL OF YOU, MY FIANCE CAN GET THE SURGERY HE NEEDS AND WILL LEAD A PERFECTLY NORMAL LIFE AND WILL RETURN TO WORK AS SOON AS HE IS HEALED.

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