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My old cat and best friend need a 400 dollar surgery. I work retail and don't make nearly enough to pay for it. Thank you for any help!

Hello everyone. I need some help for my cat, Punkin. When he was a kitten, my mom and I adopted him from the vet where he had been left with a big ADOPT ME sign. Nearly thirteen years later, he’s still my kitty. He’s been with me a long time, even in turbulent times of traversing across states. And not so turbulent times of me wearing him around the house like a mink stole, or him somehow magicking himself up into my bunk bed to sleep by my head every night.

In his old age, his ears are progressively troubling him. His constant scratching and anguished yelping seemed only to be exacerbating the problem and led me to investigate his situation further, and resulted in the diagnosis of a hematoma. A hematoma is defined as a pool of blood which collects outside of the blood vessels, within the tissues. This differs from a bruise, which is generally benign and is spread of blood in a thin layer under the skin. Occasionally, a hematoma can clear up on its own, but in Punkin’s case… the blood will form a hard clot in his ear and will have to be surgically removed. This clot can potentially rupture and cause permanent damage to his outer ear, as well as his ear drum and deafen him.

The good news is that I can get him back to the vet and have the operation performed. The bad news, however, is that surgery is going to cost me $400 I don’t have. I work as an Assistant Manager at a local store, and have a fairly strict budget for bills, rent, and food. An added $400 dollars is something that would take me a long time to acquire, and it breaks my heart to see my oldest and sweetest friend suffer because I simply don’t have the immediate funds to give him the help and provide the care he so desperately needs and deserves. So if you could help me, I would appreciate anything you might be willing to give. Every penny counts, and all donations go towards my vet bill for helping Punkin.

my paypal address is I’m also accepting commissions to help my baby out. I make plushies, pillows, blankets, scarves, hats, and other general nerdy derpery. He’s my best friend and I feel so awful that this has happened. Even if you can’t donate, a signal boost would be amazing. Thank you all for your time!
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