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Joing the Peace Corps has been a dream of mine and my current student loan debt has kept my application from going through.

Hi, my name is Kevin Furst. I graduated from Philadelphia University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design Communications. Since graduating in 2008, I have worked at a ski resort in the Pocono Mountains as their social media and graphic design coordinator.

According to American Education Services (AES) the balance due is $124,856 in principal plus interest. The payoff will take until February 2046 by paying off the loans over time. Until now, I have just been able to keep up with payments by paying $300-$400 per week towards my loans. Each month I must juggle payments to ensure health insurance, car insurance, rent and student loans are not late. The loans have become a burden on my finances and have put a halt on starting a family, settling down and have is putting a strain on my relationship with my parents. Because of the amount of debt I am also unable to join the Peace Corps at this time. 

Volunteering in the Peace Corps has been a dream of mine since high school and I am hoping that with your support I can make that dream come true sooner.

I am asking for your help in getting my balance to a more manageable and acceptable level for my Peace Corps application. 

Despite the financial burden, I have never once regretted getting my degree from Philadelphia University. Once I can pay off my loans I plan to join the Peace Corps and give back my time and money to those in need. Paying off the student loans will free up over $1,2000-$1,600 a month for me. I know I could do a lot of good with these loans being paid off. Thanks for taking time to read this and I am very grateful for your support in any amount.

Thank you!

All the Best,
Kevin Furst

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