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Last April me and my kids were left with.

Nothing I have done everything on my own.i have endured alot of pain and have overcome alot. Including a miscarriage loss of job and just way to much stuff keeps happening I swear I am thee un luckiest person on the face of this earth. To name a few I lost my job cause my car broke down and now I have absoultly nothing. My car just got fixed only to have the power steering go completely Out. I just got sole custody of my kids which was a long hard battle and I have got zero help from him. I'm now in the position of loosing the place I live I am trying. To move in 30 days. To get away from all this drama and issues I have here but it seems impossible with the. Situation I am . We went with out power for. 4 days and just have been having a hard time I really. Feel totally. Ashamed. To even ask for the help we need but I don't see any other way I have a few job interviews but its so difficult to get anywhere when you don't. Even have 50 cents to your name . I had to. Have a family. Friend buy. My daughter diapers. And milk yesterday cause I couldn't do it. I really need to get out of here I just feel way to overwhelmed and every other day something happens like I ran out of gas on the way back from taking my son to school and had to push my car almost a mile with no power steering it was crazy. I just need help and that is very hard for me to admit. And ask but I'm.hoping to get back on track and be able to do this for someone else. .. I am trying to get enough to pay this month and save for November to move to Pendleton to have a life I have a plan when I make it there and I know once I get there everything is gonna be ok god has told me this is what. I need to do and I know once me n the kids get there we will actually be finally happy. So please help us get to that point
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