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This fundraiser is to help me get from Maine to Washington to be with my daughter when she has her surgery.

Who is Beth? Beth is my 23 year old daughter, 2nd child born to me out of 4. When Beth was born she was born with esophageal tracheal fistula. Her esophagus was connected to her trachea instead of her stomach and when she swallowed anything, it went straight to her lungs. The Doctors did surgery to correct it when she was 1 day old, they also found out her esophagus didn't function properly, in fact more than half of Beth's esophagus didn't work at all. Your esophagus is a muscle that pushes your food down to your stomach, hers was more like a pipe, her muscles didn't work, which means, that there wasn't anything to keep liquid or food in her stomach, so she had acid reflex that was burning her esophagus pretty bad. The Doctors did another surgery (a nissan fundoplication) where they wrapped Beth's stomach around her esophagus so when she ate or drank it would keep the food down by closing the esophagus. After this she came home, finally at 3 months old. She still had some problems but nothing as major as everything she'd been through so far. She would often have her esophagus stretched to help her with eating solid foods but everything was fine and well, until they noticed that Beth, at age 3, had atreal septal defect (A.S.D. for short). She had a hole in her heart the size of a half dollar. They couldn't understand how they missed that, and how it went undetected for so long. So again Beth had surgery, an A.S.D. repair. She had open heart surgery twice by the age of 6. Now her heart is perfect.
Beth was doing good until a couple years ago, her esophagus just started "acting" up. She couldn't eat or drink much. It hurt Beth so much to just swallow, She kept going in to have her esophagus stretched, every few months. One time they went in to remove a piece of meat that was stuck (it happened quite often with Beth growing up and into adulthood) and stretch it one more time, and something went wrong. Somehow some fluid got in her lungs and she was on a breathing machine and life support, pneumonia set in so quickly and I thought I was going to lose her right then and there. She pulled through thank God and kept fighting the fight. The Doctors did test and sent her to Boston, they wanted to do surgery but Beth's weight was so low, they couldn't, the doctors didn't think she would make it, so they refused until she gained weight. The doctors put a feeding tube in Beth's stomach so she could feed at night. But it was too much on Beth, it was making her sick. After a few months of being sick, Beth just wanted her life back so she took it out.
She got an opportunity to go to Snohomish, Washington. She went, now she is in College there, majoring in Business. But her problems are back worse now than ever before. Beth went to the doctors and they want to remove her esophagus and replace it with her intestine or remove it and bring her stomach up higher. She HAS to have this surgery. The are going to be doing the surgery in August of this year. I live in Maine she is having the surgery in Seattle Washington. I need help getting there to be with her. I am in College full time and work full time, I have 2 children that are still at home, I am a single mother and the sole provider for my family. Sometimes we need a little help to get us where we need to go and I need to get to my daughter for this surgery. The money is going to go towards a plane ticket, hotel, food and transportation while there. If it was a minor surgery I wouldn't be asking for help but its not minor its very major and she needs me to be there. I need to be there for her. I am going to take 2 weeks off work and school, so I can help her recover. So PLEASE if you can just donate a few dollars please, please do. Beth has suffered so much in her life and this surgery is the best thing the doctors can do for her but I NEED to be there by her side, I need to be there when she wakes up from this surgery. It would mean the world to both of us. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and THANK YOU for donating. God Bless!!
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