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As a parent it is your job to protect your kids – keep them safe. On October 1, 2012 it felt like that right was ripped away from us.

Many of you know Linkin, a smart spirited boy with a stubborn sense. From the day he was born he could warm your heart with his big brown eyes. He loves Scooby-do and playing with his older brother. And until the words brain tumor was said at an eye appointment we would have never have imagined we would be thrust into a parent’s worst nightmare. Back in August Linkin had a rather rough cold and shortly afterwards we noticed that his left eye started to wonder up and out. We called our pediatrician who recommended we take him to the eye specialist at Children’s. We made our appointment 4 weeks out but didn’t think much of it because we thought it was a lazy eye. Over the next 4 weeks Linkin’s eye started to droop and he became much more uncoordinated. This however didn’t seem to out of the ordinary because he comes from a line of clumsy people, his eye is all jacked up, and he is 2. So we didn’t think much of it until the eye specialist mentioned that she wanted us to get an MRI done to rule out a possible tumor. It sounded like she whispered the word as if we wouldn’t catch it. The MRI was scheduled for the next morning – waiting is pure pain! Needless to say the worse case scenario became our worst nightmare. We were unable to schedule an appointment that day with the neurology department. Please wait another 24 hours for any answers, is what I heard. October 3, we learned as much information as my brain could handle. Not to mention the fact that we had a 2 year old boy running around a small consultative room naked. Really, how is a mom to concentrate on what a brain doctor is is saying when your son wants to play? Our next steps are to get a second opinion. We are currently looking at both Boston and Philadelphia as possible locations because they are number 1 and 2 in the country for this type of brain tumor. It is hard to make a decision that could end your son’s life when the team of doctors you are working with do not agree on the necessary procedure. In the next several weeks we are going to lean hard on those we love. Everything we are reading and learning says help is necessary and take it when and where you can. Your help can come in a form of a prayer, a hug, someone to talk to, someone to help with Travis while we are out, and unfortunately financially. Money raised will go towards neurological appointments, equipment needs, various forms of treatment, travel and will also help so we have the opportunity to be by Linkin’s side throughout this process. God Bless – The Eger Family
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