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This fund is to assist with on-going expenses incurred by the family of Sharon Reed as she continues extensive medical treatment.

If you know my Ma, Sharon Reed, then you know that she is one of the most giving, loving, generous people on this planet. Ma is always quick to help anyone in any way she can. She is always the first to put together benefits at work or at home to help her friends and family in need. She is selfless and genuinely cares for other people. She has worked her factory job for over 20 years... never passing up overtime... so she can spend any extra money on her family and friends. She does the best she can to take care of herself as well. Ma has never smoked or drank. She works a manual labor job and still tries to excercise when she can. A few years ago she had a mini-stroke which obviously caused her to miss work. Ma has always tried to work through anything... but what she is going through now is just more than her body can handle.

Ma was having difficulty eating and digesting for a few months. She was losing weight and strength. After months and months of mis-diagnosed illness, Ma finally found doctors she was comfortable with that seem to be able to help her.

In April 2012 she had surgery to stretch her esophagus and remove a pollap. During that surgery, a scope to her stomach was done and a tumor was found.

On May 2, 2012 Ma went in for surgery to remove the stomach tumor. It should have been a short surgery with about 3 days recovery time.

They found carcinoid cancer in her stomach. They performed a very aggressive removal and feel confident they got all of the cancer out. The follow up tests showed clean margins and no cancer in her lymph nodes! After the Oncologist gave the all-clear, they said she would not need further cancer treatment.

Two days later Ma developed pneumonia. They put her on antibiotics and gave her a pic-line for nourishment. (She still could not eat or drink following the throat surgery). Her system could not even tolerate the IV nourishment, so they sent her for more tests to find out why. They discovered that her stomach was so swollen that is was not letting the fluids drain yet. They ended up giving her feeding and drain tubes.

She continued to get sick and was in pain that just would not subside.

She had more tests.
In the first surgery when they removed the cancer, they also had to remove a significant amount of intestines and stomach. That forced them to have to re-route things.
Doctor said that there was a leak in the area where they left the small exit. The small exit was what remained from the original stomach exit. It was leaking acid and causing her this pain.The small exit area was not working at all. They had to repair the small exit that was leaking, and give her a new stomach exit.

They had her scheduled for a 2.5 hour surgery, saying that they would probably only need 2 hours. She ended up being in surgery for 4 hours. They found a lot of mess and infection-causing junk, cleaned everything, had to re-route a bunch of stuff, and give space to the compacted organs. Overall she had work done on her intestines, stomach, liver, gallbladder, and colon.

Two days after that, she was in agonizing pain, so they ran more tests to find out why. Due to the extensive and aggressive surgeries she had in such a short amount of time, Ma had massive internal swelling that was causing her lungs to be pushed high up in to her chest... causing her much of the pain she was experiencing. Additionally, her body was still not processing the liquid IV diet they had her on.

They found an abscess on her liver that was causing her to have a fever. After more tests, they discovered it was e-Coli. Her fever was rising and she was still recovering from the pneumonia. They put her on different antibiotics and put her under quarantine for about 3 days.

Slowly she started to heal a bit and feel better. After 25 days of only IV nutrients, 25 days of not being able to eat real food, Ma was allowed to attempt to eat a few bites of oatmeal and some flavored ice chips!

A few days after this, they attempted to send her home with home health nurses to visit her 3-4 times a day.

She was home for 4 days and had complications that caused her to return to the hospital, via the ER. They put her back on all the machines and IVs and feeding tubes. She spent 6 more days in the hospital undergoing more tests and treatments.

She just returned home, again, on Friday, June 8, 2012.
37 days later (as of this post) and she is still not able to eat regular food. She now has IVs and drain machines at home.

Ma has been told that with all of the extensive changes made and the re-routing of so many organs, it will probably take her no less than 4 months to be able to process and function normally. Ma has already been out of work for about 3 months. My Pa is doing all he can to continue to work while at the same time take care of Ma. This has been a huge strain on both of them emotionally and financially. Her hospital is over an hour drive, one way, from their home. For my Pa to make this trip after long days at work, it is not only expensive travel, it is also physically and emotionally draining.

We have created this fundraiser to assist with the extensive and on-going expenses, including but not limited to: medical bills, medications, medical travel expenses, COBRA insurance, general life bills that have been stacking up due to her being out of work.

Every little bit helps. Our family would like to thank you for your love, support, prayers and all around happy healthy vibes you have already sent!
I will update this site on a regular basis for those of you that would like to keep track of Ma's progress.
Thank you again!
Much love to you and yours.
Be well.
The Family of Sharon Reed

***If you would like to send Sharon a card, please contact me at for her mailing address. Ma prefers to keep her home address off of the internet. I have also started a small wish list (in the right margin) if you would like to send her a gift. Thank you, again.***
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