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Thank you to everyone who has helped me to take care of my sweet Louis. It means so much to me.

***Update 12/4: I don't believe that surgery is going to be possible. I talked to the doctors and the potential for the surgery to cost more than $4000 is highly likely. Thankfully, Dr. Zwahlen told us about a new Clinical Trial from France. It is a pill form of Chemotherapy. Louis has been on it since Wednesday night, and I feel like it's a miracle how much better he has gotten in the past 3 days. I can't imagine that the Chemo worked that quickly... but my only guess is that it's been a combo of everything. I truly feel like he is my little Christmas Miracle.
I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am to see him acting nearly normal again. I wish we could get those tumors out... but at the very least we have hope that this Chemo will shrink them and stop or slow down their spread.
I can never thank you all enough for all of your well wishes, thoughts, prayers, and donations. This whole experience has changed my life... and Louis's. Please read my other updates on this page down on the left... and please continue to check back here for further updates.
Feel free to friend me on facebook, if you'd like further updates past December 18th. Also, I have sent every donor an email through the site... I hope you have all received them... if not, maybe check your spam?
Thank you, again. Love, Karen
My dog Louis has a orange size tumor growing on his Thyroid that is pressing in on his windpipe and beginning to make it hard for him to breathe and eat. The vet also found a tumor in his anus the size of a golf ball. Today we brought him in to get an Ultrasound and a Radiograph Survey, which both came up clear. The surgeon inspected his tumors and feels he is a good candidate for surgery.

This news answered so many prayers. I feel so thankful. The only problem is that the surgery is going to cost $3-4000. I have been on unemployment for just over a year and am unable to afford this. My parents have already paid for these initial evaluations totaling over $1500. My father is retired and my mother works full time to help support my brother, his girlfriend, and his two young children. They won't be able to help pay for this entire surgery.

Louis has been there for me through the worst times in my life. I credit him for saving my life. I don't know where or who I'd be without him. It breaks my heart to think I am unable to repay his service to me. I can't imagine having to put him to sleep. I just love him so much. I can't bare the thought. I don't know what to do or where to turn.

I feel terrible that I have to ask for help, but I feel this is my only option and I owe it to my baby to do anything and all things that I can do. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for your kind thoughts and any help you might be able to give me. It means more to me than you can ever know. Louis and I have always had a very special relationship. He has always been my child in my eyes and I believe he looks at me like his mother.
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