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Need to get a working car. with a working vehicle , I will be able to work on getting a place to live and paying off $475 to my college. After the $475 is paid, I can work on some kind of financial aid for college.


I have had a rough start in life. I have no job experience, no home (this girl lets me sleep on her couch and use her mailing address). I was in college once , but suffered PTS and was not able to finish. ...>.a couple years later.>...I worked hard with a ice cream truck service getting paid commission. This earned me a car for $300. I was working to get a place in CO so i can be with my mom and sister. My sister died directly after i got the car. still trying to help myself , i decided its best to get back into college so i can get a job that could help me pay for a place and support myself. The car was showing problems soon after i bought it, and i put another $650 into it. the mechanic finally said that the engine would have to be taken apart to find why it list compression in 2 of the 4 cylinders. he said it would cost a couple thousand just to check it out. the car no longer ran. I collect SSI ($674/month) and that isn't enough to help me get out of this mess. When September 20 comes , my college loan will come out of deferment and I will be force to make payments or loose out on going to school. When the loan goes into default I wont even be allowed a grant from financial aid. The school also wants $475 that is owed to them before i can be taken off the national data base that says i owe a school money. This national data base prohibits me from any financial aid until paid. If i at least had a working car, then I would be able to make appointments to places that could assist me further. I would be able to get another job to help me pay off the $475. With a working car, I would be able to better help myself. I am mostly ignored and some times told that I suck and people like me need to get a job. :( But non will actually talk to me and some will offer services to help me for a fee. I am desperate, and pleading for help. please contact me.


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